Best study spots in Aberdeen

It can be hard to stay motivated when studying at home with so many distractions around. Working on your coursework and exams on campus, in a coffee shop or in a library gives you a change of scenery and has the added bonus of providing a warm environment without having to break the bank. Find out from our students what the best study spots in Aberdeen are!

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We asked our Instagram community about their favourite study spots in Aberdeen and on campus. Here is a list of the most popular venues:

Coffee shops and pubs

Aberdeen has plenty of cosy coffee shops that provide a not too quiet environment to study in while fuelling yourself with coffee or food to stay energised. Pubs are also surprisingly good study spots during the day as they are just as quiet as cafes and can also provide some food.

“I like Foodstory because the food and coffee are good. The staff are friendly, and it is a great place to study for hours. But you have to arrive early if you want to sit in your favourite spot.” – Shantall

Pret a Manger! Their coffee subscription is absolutely worth it! You can get the Pret a Manger subscription from their website and their app. It’s £25 a month, with 50% off on your first month. You can get 5 free drinks made locally per day, with at least 30 minutes in between. After a couple of days, you’ve got your money’s worth already. I like going to the one on Union Street for studying in a busier environment and to chat with my course mates. It’s easier to be loud than in a library.” – Thomas

“I enjoy studying at Siberia Bar because I work there part-time. It’s quiet during the day, the coffee is cheap and the WIFI is fast. Perfect for studying.” – Aaron

If you want more inspiration, read our blog “My top 5 cafes in Aberdeen“.


Libraries are traditional study spaces that can help you stay focused in a quiet environment. You can even go with friends and have quick chats together to help with your assignments as long as you don’t disturb other users!

“The Aberdeen Central Library! You get great views there and can stay warm. Bring coffee and snacks too for a better experience.” – Maz

Any public library because they are super warm and cosy.” – Hannah

You don’t need to be a library member to study at any libraries in Aberdeen and use the free WIFI. Simply pop in and find an available space on one of the desks!

If you want to access one of the libraries’ computers, you will need to join online. You can also get a free library card from the library of your choice to borrow books that you might want to use for your assignments.

Or you can simply study at RGU Library and borrow books with your student card!

Campus spaces

We might be biased, but we think our campus is the best place to study! There are plenty of spaces that can be utilised, whether you’re looking for a quiet environment or a more laid-back atmosphere.

“I like to study on the tables overlooking the swimming pool because of all the plants. It’s very relaxing to sit there.” – Millie

“The amphitheatre in the Sir Ian Wood Building is always a good spot when there is no space in the library. There are plugs, the ability to chat and have a snack while studying, big windows, and it’s close to coffee outlets.” – Clemence

“I like the Sir Ian Wood Building amphitheatre. More so after classes are done, when barely anyone is there. It’s quiet, and there’s a lot of space to move about when you’re needing to get up for a stretch. There are loads of plugs too and these comfy cushions!” – Emma

“I love the Riverside Building. I’m not really a quiet reader, and the building has a bit of noise but still relatively quiet. That’s my favourite.” – Thalia

The Riverside Building has a lot of spaces to study on Level 3, with bookable pods for groups, and on Level 4, where the new Union Spaces are located. It’s a more casual and relaxed environment than a library where you can also chat with friends and take a break.

Studying doesn’t have to always be done the same way, in the same place. Try some of these recommendations and see what works best for you!

Do you have a favourite study spots? Let us know in the comments.

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