Studying MSc Project Management at RGU with my PMI Scholarship

Anthony won the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Accreditation Centre (GAC) Scholarship and is studying MSc Project Management at RGU. He shares his academic experience on the course and how the scholarship will help him develop his future career.

Why did you choose to study MSc Project Management at RGU?

I chose to pursue a master’s in Project Management to give me a holistic idea of project management strategies and newer ways to successfully manage and complete projects. My decision was also influenced by the fact that it is a practitioner-driven course, a rich learning experience, and would prepare me for the real world of business.

I chose RGU for a number of reasons. Firstly, the school is one of the few universities that offer this course on a full-time basis and with an industrial placement option via the extended master’s path. The university also has a strong partnership with the PMI and Association for Project Management (APM). In addition, the various modules offered on the course are enriching, and the qualification framework is up to date. Finally, the school has a strong graduate employability record and well-experienced lecturers that deliver modules offered in the course.

What has been the highlight of your course?

In the course of my studies, I have developed a broader knowledge of various aspects of a portfolio, programme, and project management. This included strategic leadership and governance, team building strategies, types of teams and behaviours, ways of maintaining commercial integrity in project delivery, strategic risk management, as well as quality management. The course has also helped sharpen my soft and hard skills. For instance, my planning and organisation abilities have been enhanced, and I have become very familiar with a couple of project planning tools and applications.

How did you make the best use of your PMI membership?

As a member of the PMI, I have gained unlimited access to enriching published journals, research works, live webinars, up-to-date methodologies for project management, and career advancement lectures. PMI membership has helped me develop in the practice of project management both in my former career role as a Project Engineer and by supporting my academic work through research and educational programs like the GAC scholarship program.

How will the Scholarship support your future?

The PMI GAC scholarship will go a long way in aiding my studies and succeeding to graduate. In the future, I think it will allow me to apply the management tools and techniques acquired in my studies to solve the need of organisations. It will additionally help me to raise awareness of project management and strive to consolidate organisational success in my future endeavours.

After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in a project management-related discipline with a reputable organisation. I want to apply my acquired skills to impact how projects, teams, and organisational assets are managed by ensuring sustainability and continuous improvement.

Any tips for future students?

My advice to future students is to be a registered PMI student member, be focused, and draw up plans for completing every academic task. Doing this will keep you on track to achieving your desired goals and objectives. You have to be able to learn from your failures and be determined to achieve success. The team at RGU will be here to support you in the process. Finally, you should believe in your abilities and never think that a task is impossible.

Anthony Ugwu

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