Securing the Saltire Scholarship and studying at RGU

Anil Daniel, a student of the MSc Advanced Architectural Design at RGU, writes about securing a scholarship and pursuing his passion in Architecture.

Anil Daniel is a student of the MSc Advanced Architectural Design course at RGU. He writes about securing Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship, blended learning during COVID-19 and pursuing his passion for architecture.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things is the best way to grow. I’ve always been keen to do more research work after I completed my undergraduate degree. I dreamed of studying in a country like Scotland with its rich architecture.

Applying to RGU and receiving Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship

Anil Daniel near Aberdeen Beach. MSc Advanced Architectural Design. Scotland's Saltire Scholarship.

I came to know about RGU when I was looking to apply for an international scholarship. My first impression after looking at the RGU website was very positive. I decided to try my luck and dig deeper and I was very happy when I found my course of interest, the MSc Advanced Architectural Design degree. I was very impressed by the course curriculum, the cutting-edge modern facilities and the university’s links to the industry. I made an application immediately.

RGU was extremely supportive through the application process. The ‘Contact a Student’ platform, in particular, was remarkable. I liked how helpful and easy RGU made things for me.

Anil Daniel, MSc Advanced Architectural Design at RGU

When I got my conditional offer letter email, the next big thing was to gather funds for my education. I started looking for scholarship options. RGU came to the rescue by informing me about the prestigious Scotland Saltire Scholarship Award. I made an application and got the award!

Getting this prestigious award has given me the opportunity of being part of an international community that cares for your growth and supports you. It has helped me learn and actively participate in different activities. It has allowed me to connect with business experts from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

Blended learning experience through COVID-19

In terms of my experience so far, I would say that I’m living the dream! The rugged landscapes with awe-inspiring architectural buildings makes Scotland a gem of place for architecture students to dwell in. Aberdeen, in particular, is an amazing city where you get to experience a blend of classy granite buildings with a modern architectural trend. People of this city are also so welcoming and helpful.

Of course, the pandemic has made things slightly difficult, but I have managed to make new friends and interact with the staff virtually. The university has taken a blended learning approach. My course instructors have been very helpful and are always ready to go an extra mile if necessary.

Having online classes because of the pandemic meant that we got to explore the virtual learning environment. This has been a very new and amazing experience for me. Initially, I was uncertain about this, but I have found that the online delivery of classes has significant staff engagement which meets the same quality standards and expectations of on-campus teaching and learning outcomes.

Anil Daniel, MSc Advanced Architectural Design at RGU

I found CampusMoodle’s interface to be very user friendly. It is amazing that all the coursework and other resources are only a click away. It has certainly made things easier for me in terms of getting used to the online learning environment.

Advanced Architectural Design course experience

Anil Daniel outside RGU. MSc Advanced Architectural Design. Scotland's Saltire Scholarship.

My course is providing me with the knowledge and skills to develop innovative yet contextually appropriate solutions to challenges in the industry. I found innovative strategies and digital design modules very informative. They made me explore real-world problems in zero-carbon buildings, urban design, project management, design for fabrication and assembly, digital and parametric design and future bound designs.

This year’s theme ‘Automata’ is even more interesting. We are investigating the effects of automation on architectural design, including new digital technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and robotics. Exploring the concept of decentralisation and cutting-edge automation tools such as blockchain in architectural design is really mind-blowing.

Anil Daniel, MSc Advanced Architectural Design at RGU

Practicing the above mentioned learning outcomes in the design studio, I am working on Vertiport (a station for flying taxis or drones) design in Aberdeen. It is really fascinating to see and work on the concept of ‘flying cars’ and to design the required infrastructure. This studio is making me explore design in ways I have never imagined before. Overall, this course is really turning out to be an icebreaker for me to explore futuristic architectural concepts and applications.

Anil Daniel, a student of the MSc Advanced Architectural Design course, writes about securing the Scotland's Saltire Scholarship and studying at RGU.

I hope that it was interesting for you to read about my journey. In simple words, I would say that if you are considering RGU for your studies, you are on your way to achieving the best for you.

Anil Daniel

Anil Daniel, a student of the MSc Advanced Architectural Design course, writes about securing the Scotland's Saltire Scholarship and studying at RGU.

About Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships is offered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Robert Gordon University in the areas of science, technology, creative industries, medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy. Citizens of Canada, China (including Hong Kong), India, Japan, Pakistan and USA can apply for this scholarship.

The deadline for Saltire Scholarship applications is Friday 28th May 2021 

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