Studying MSc Construction Project Management at RGU

Mathew Musumba from Nairobi Kenya discusses his decision to study MSc Construction Project Management at RGU as well as his experience on the course.

About Me

I am Mathew Musumba from Nairobi Kenya. After working for more than seven years with the UN refugee agency in South Sudan, I had a feeling that it was time to add more skills to my career. I decided on MSc Construction Project Management because it was in line with my profession. However, my full-time employment made it impossible for me to resign and enrol in studies because I was a bread winner in my family. For this reason, I needed a university that offered online studies so I could learn and work at the same time.

After some days of searching and enquiring with a number of universities that offered online studies, I chose Construction Project Management at RGU. I discussed this with my family and made my decision. 

Why I chose RGU?

One of the main reasons I chose RGU is the flexibility in learning. I knew that I wouldn’t have to travel to or be in class for a specific time or day, as long as I completed my assignment within a given timeline. I saw this as an opportunity to save time that I would spend on travelling, and in return save travelling costs as well.

While studying, I was so amazed to see how the studies were structured in a way that there was no difference between online and on campus programmes. There were interactive group discussions that created an impression of being in the actual classroom. Lecturers were very supportive and always available to offer any assistance that the students needed.

What I enjoyed most about MSc Construction Project Management?

The module I enjoyed most was Sustainable Construction which is quite practical and relevant in the current ever-changing construction dynamics. I learnt that sustainable construction is practicing building techniques that embrace long-term environmental protection by efficiently using resources, minimising wastage and emissions, and protecting the health as well as improving the productivity of workers. 

I feel so excited to have completed my course successfully and make my dream come true, and I believe that this marks the beginning of another chapter in my career . With the added skills on my profile, I look forward to getting better job opportunities where I can be able to move upward or change positions with different industries that offer construction services. I now have the option to take up a bigger role in my current place of employment and maybe further my education even more. RGU was the best place to learn, grow and meet new friends virtually. 

My advice to prospective students

To the students who are aspiring to undertake online studies, I would like to reaffirm that RGU is the place to be. What is so exciting about the university is that studies can be taken from anywhere in the world and they are flexible, convenient and tailored to fit into anyone’s busy schedule. The studies are interactive and very pleasant to attend – just as it would have been in a physical classroom. Below are some tips that can help students who may have already made a decision to undertake the online studies:

  • Time management is key and therefore create a weekly schedule that you will need to follow. This can be backed-up by setting daily or weekly reminders regarding the studies. 
  • Treat online studies seriously like any in-person learning and have the discipline to complete all the assignments on time. Avoid last minute rush because sometimes simple things like family engagements or internet outages might disappoint. 
  • Hold yourself accountable by setting goals that you should achieve throughout the learning process. 
  • Minimise distractions especially from friends, music and social media among others that may divert your attention from focusing on your studies. 
  • Participate actively in the learning forums and engage with fellow classmates by asking questions, providing comments and reading what other students are posting, including posts from lecturers to learn from them. 
  • Finally, use the opportunity to network through collaboration with other students and lecturers by introducing yourself and engaging actively in online discussion forums. 


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