Why we are in love with Aberdeen

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year we asked RGU students and graduates to let us know why they are in love with Aberdeen. From its beautiful beach to its vibrant social life, here are all the reasons to love the Granite City.

A place surrounded by nature

Aberdeen is a haven for nature-lovers. It is very easy to escape the bustling crowd of the city and recharge your batteries around nature. Parks and river walks are very popular, but for many people the beach holds a special place in their heart. Ribh O’Neill and Rebecca Forbes, both media students at RGU, share their love for our stunning coastline.

I love all of the nature you can find in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, from beaches to parks, to forests. My favourite place is Aberdeen Beach, going on a crisp winter walk and getting a hot chocolate as a treat at the end!

Ribh O’Neill

I’ve lived in Aberdeen all my life and without a doubt my favourite place is the beach. I have so many special memories down there, probably too many to list! But my friends and I have always spent time down on the beach front, whether for walks or to get something to eat. There is something really magical and grounding about being by the sea, no matter what time of year. It seems to be the only place that is beautiful year round. Plus you get some amazing winter sunrises if you’re up early enough!

Rebecca Forbes

RGU is also situated in one of our students’ favourite places to be around nature. Our modern campus sits next to the River Dee, surrounded by lush vegetation, where many people enjoy going on walks. This is true for Rachel Robinson, a Paramedic Practice student at RGU.

My favourite place is River Dee and the walks I have taken there.

Rachel Robinson

A multicultural social hub

Besides its beautiful scenery, students also love Aberdeen for its socialising opportunities. And because RGU welcomes people from all over the world, you can immerse yourself in different cultures without leaving the city. International Tourism Management student Ewan Birnie and Communication Design student Olivia Connolly fell in love with the multicultural social scene of the Granite City.

My favourite thing about Aberdeen is most definitely the sense of community the city has, and its diverse culture.

Ewan Birnie

What I love about Aberdeen is how social everyone is. Having a lot of different places to go with friends.

Olivia Connolly

Even newcomers or visitors can see the beauty of the city’s social and cultural environment. Awe Ibidunni, a student in MSc Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, only started her RGU journey in January but has already been seduced by the friendliness of people. RGU applicant Mark Cassidy keeps a fond memory of his visit where he experienced a busy day of admiring the city’s beautiful scenery and immersing himself into the local football scene. Come on you Reds!

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to meet different people and one thing I can say is that the people in Aberdeen are very welcoming and friendly.

Awe Ibidunni
Belmont Street

I love the atmosphere and uniqueness of Aberdeen. My favourite memory is spending a day searching the sights then heading to Pittodrie for a match.

Mark Cassidy

Besides the busy life of the city, RGU students also love Aberdeen because of the university’s diverse social gatherings and activities. RGU Union has over 30 societies and sports clubs where you can take part in a wide range of events and socialise with peers sharing the same passions.

My favourite memory of Aberdeen is every Paramedic Society night out.

Rachel Robinson

And if you like spending time walking around the city, there is a wide variety of food options available in town to refuel. Foodies can enjoy delicious meals in diverse cafes, restaurants and pubs. And no need to worry if you’re vegan, simply check out our blog “Vegan places to eat in Aberdeen” to learn more about your food options.

A romantic city

What better reason to love Aberdeen if not for its romantic atmosphere? The Granite City has been a place to fall in love for many RGU students, some of which even met at the university as we shared in a previous Valentine’s Day blog. This was also the case for Anna Schreiber, an RGU alumna, who met her husband in Aberdeen after moving from Germany.

My favourite memory about Aberdeen is that I met my husband there while studying my MSc Fashion Management at RGU. I never expected that to happen when I moved from Germany to Scotland. I had a great time in Aberdeen! Such a lovely city and apparently great for falling in love.

Anna Schreiber

But Aberdeen isn’t only a great place to fall in love. Its dreamy scenery is also the perfect background for important romantic occasions. Lisa Kersten is currently studying at RGU to complete a double degree in BA (Hons) International Business Management, in cooperation with her German university in Hanover. She opens up about the special moment she shared with her partner on Aberdeen beach last year.

I have a really special memory connected to Aberdeen. Last September, I got engaged on Aberdeen Beach. My fiancé came over from Germany to visit me and asked me to marry him. We are both German and he visits me quite regularly here and we enjoy the city together. We have been together now for 6 1/2 years of which 3 have been long distance due to studying and living abroad. So I will always remember my time in Aberdeen for other reasons than my great study experience”

Lisa Kersten
Sunset at the beach

Love letter to Aberdeen

The Granite City is such a diverse place offering both escapes into nature and a stimulating social environment that we could spend hours listing everything we love about it. Not only did RGU students and graduates fall in love with the city because of its breath-taking scenery, but also because of the memorable moments they have experienced here. From finding love to going out with friends or watching a football game, life in Aberdeen is guaranteed to never be boring.

Spread the love for Valentine’s Day and let us know in the comments what you love about Aberdeen or share some of your favourite memories of the city!

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