Celebrating Valentine’s Day #IChoseYouAtRGU

February, the second and shortest month of the year but most importantly, the month of Valentine’s Day celebrations when we embrace love, relationships and friendships by giving gifts to and spending time with our loved ones.

Valentine’s Day at RGU means spreading the love as far as we possibly can, which is why we want to honour it and celebrate it in all forms!

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Dating back from the 14th century, celebrating Valentine’s Day was the epitome of love, expression and adoration. In the 18th century England, lovers would send handmade cards to each other, known as “Valentines”, with heart-shaped symbols and doves, and by the 19th century this widely practiced gesture among couples promoted mass production of the Valentine’s Cards as we know them today. Whether it is a handwritten card with a box of chocolates, or a bouquet of red roses and a romantic dinner out, Valentine’s is definitely the day that we look forward to celebrating when we have found that special someone in our lives.

How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day at RGU

For this Valentine’s Day, we want to know how you met that special person at RGU whether it is your best friend, partner, or someone who has had a big impact on your life. Share your story with us: How did you meet? Were you in the same class, or introduced by friends?  How long have you been together, and where are you now?


How did you meet?

We met 13 years ago at RGU while both studying our Forensic Science degrees. I will never forget the first day at university, scared – sitting alone at the front of the class. In bounced Natasha who sat next to me and we have become firm friends for life.

Where are you now?

I am now Lead Account Manager at Suez – Water Technologies & Solutions in Baytown, Texas after having worked as an engineer for 7 years. In addition to her BSc Forensic Science, LLB Law and Diploma in Legal Practice, Natasha worked for 5 years as a Housing Officer and is only months away from qualifying as a Solicitor. I am immensely proud of her, juggling family life, studying and jobs. I know the path ahead is filled with much success. RGU is a great university and we are both on a fast career projection because of it.


How did they meet?

My amazing grandparents first met at Robert Gordon’s (Technical College) back in the 50’s where they were both studying to become pharmacists.

Where are they now?

My grandparents continued their relationship, and married in 1962 and went on to have two children. Further down the line, they had three grandchildren. They both enjoyed a long career as pharmacists, with my Granda running the Boots pharmacy on Great Western Road.

Robert Gordon’s continues in our family with my Uncle Stephen working and studying there, as well as meeting his partner Jacqui. My father Alan studied Electrical Engineering, and myself and my husband Keiran studied Communications with PR and Law! My sister Katrina is currently studying Accountancy. Sadly, my Granda passed away in September last year after an amazing life spent with my Granny by his side.


How did you meet?

Richard and I met when I was studying Journalism and he was working in RGU Union. I was involved in RGU RAG so I was often in the Union and one day we just got chatting and hit it off. Our first date was an outing for hot chocolate during one of his Union lunch breaks!

Where are you now?

We’ve been together for over seven years now. We’ve bought a house together, got a wee dog called Eevee (check out @eevee_shibainu on Instagram) and recently got engaged!

Finding love at RGU

RGU doesn’t only provide exceptional academic experience, but has also been an opportunity for many to find love or ,create friendships. The university is a place to grow personally and build relationships that will last a lifetime. Let us know in the comments if you met someone special at RGU!

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  1. Wish all stories were that beautiful but some didn’t worked out.
    Yes I still remember my first day at RGU and would say still the best day of my life, it’s been 14 years (2nd Feb 2006)

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