Olamide’s Covid-19 Vaccination Experience

Olamide Jamiu, country champion (Nigeria), student ambassador and student of MSc Oil and Gas Engineering shares his personal account of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Scottish government launched the ‘roll up your sleeves’ campaign to highlight the importance of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine will be offered to 4.5 million people in Scotland with those most at risk of COVID-19 prioritised. Delivery of the vaccination program is led by NHS boards who will contact those eligible when it’s time to arrange their vaccination appointment. There are also opportunities to arrange for a drop in session.

Being a part time Health care support worker at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI), I was invited to take the first dose of the vaccine on the 5th of March 2021 and I was personally quite skeptical about it. I had allowed myself to be drawn in by rumours and conspiracy theories flying around social media, and I was worried. However, I knew the best way out of the pandemic was to get vaccinated, so I went to P&J Live at TECA (where they previously administered vaccinations) to get my first dose of the vaccine.

The entire process was smooth. The workers were very professional and attended to everyone respectfully irrespective of race or other social barriers.

After getting my first dose, I was surprised I didn’t have any side effects, apart from a swollen arm. The whole experience was smooth and I was glad I made the right decision.

In April, I was invited to get my second dose of the vaccine. I did experience quite a few mild side effects such as mild headaches and a fever, which lasted for about 48 hours. During that time, I was worried in case I would experience more severe side effects. However, I spoke to the chief vaccinator who put me at ease and explained that they only occur once in a million times.

I would personally encourage you all to follow the Scottish Government and roll up your sleeve, because this is the best way out of the pandemic. Just block out the noise and go for it. Not everyone will experience side effects after the vaccine, but for those that do, they are usually mild and will go away within a few days. I don’t know about you, but I would rather go through a few mild side effects for a couple of hours than contract the virus.

After getting vaccinated, I advise we all continue to mask up and follow the guidance from the Scottish Government. Slowly but surely, we will get back to our normal lives.


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