Studying MSc Cyber Security at RGU

Suprensha by the Aberdeen Beach

Suprensha Gurung, an MSc Cyber Security student at RGU writes about her passion for the subject, why she chose RGU and how her course has prepared her for a successful career.

What inspired you to study Cyber Security?

I was always fascinated by science and technology. So I spent most of my free time after high school researching about latest trends and innovation in technologies. This is when I was introduced to the term cyber security.

Cyber Security is such a vast domain with so many fields. This captured my interest. I was determined to pursue my career in this field. I did my undergraduate in Computer Networking in IT Security in my home country Nepal and gained nearly two years of professional experience. I was more than happy with my career decision and wanted to pursue it even further.

Why did you decide to study for your Master’s in Cyber Security at RGU?

Suprensha by the Aberdeen Beach.

As I was looking for a postgraduate degree in Cyber Security, RGU really stood out amongst all the options. It provides a range of interesting modules that are relevant to industry standards. These include modules like Information Security Management, Security Testing, Incident Management and Forensics to name a few. The part which attracted me the most was the optional industrial placement module. It gives students the opportunity to have industry experience even before graduating.

Moreover, the overall reputation and ranking of RGU is fantastic. RGU was named Top in Scotland for industry connections (THE ’18), Top in Scotland for Employability (DLHE ‘18). It has a vast range of international students; figuratively 16,000 students from 132 countries every year.

Suprensha Gurung, an MSc Cyber Security student at RGU

What has been the most enjoyable part of the course so far?

Suprensha at HP for her internship.

When I first began my Master’s degree in 2019, I had not anticipated what the year 2020 would look like. A one-year MSc in itself is a short period of time. Adding on to this, the arrival of the pandemic meant that we could do only a semester’s study on-campus. In March 2020, the whole country went into a lockdown and learning was done through online methods.

On-campus learning was fun while it lasted. The most enjoyable part of my degree was the opportunity to meet students from all over the world. My class was full of diverse people with many different backgrounds.

Suprensha Gurung, an MSc Cyber Security student at RGU

I loved interacting with my fellow international classmates and learning more about their culture. I also loved meeting the local students from Aberdeen. It is such a beautiful city to live in. I enjoyed walks by the beach, exploring the city and admiring the fascinating architecture.

How is RGU preparing you for a career in Cyber Security?

RGU provides an academic degree that will provide you with a strong qualification, specialist knowledge and technical skills relevant to the industry.

Suprensha Gurung, an MSc Cyber Security student at RGU

The Machine Learning module taught in the course was completely new to me. It was very useful for the project that I did for my internship at HP. Additionally, modules like Security Testing and Network Security helped me prepare and present a strong concept for my internship project. The assessments and independent study I undertook at RGU helped me become self-disciplined and manage my time effectively. My dissertation helped me gain skills in problem-solving, management and communication. All of these aspects are what helped me prepare for a successful career in cyber security.

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