Ten facts about Aberdeen

ten facts about Aberdeen

Aberdeen is more than just an oil capital, it has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment, history and beautiful scenery. Known for its fascinating history, unique architecture and high-ranked Universities it is also Scotland’s third-largest city.

Here are a few facts you may have never heard about Aberdeen:

Aberdeen Scotland

Scotland’s safest city.
Aberdeen is on the Top 10 Safest Places in the UK list, placed even higher than Edinburgh! Nearly 70% of Aberdeen’s residents say that there is a strong sense of community that makes the city safe and friendly. Aberdeen has also received the Purple Flag award for the seventh year in a row, recognising the City’s evening and night-time economy. The Purple Flag award is given to cities that focus on providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents.

granite city Scotland

The Granite City.
Aberdeen is known as ‘The Granite City’ and ‘Silver City’ due to the famous local granite stone that was used to build the city. Granite was also used to build London’s Trafalgar Square, Waterloo Bridge and the Thames Embankment. Marischal College in the city centre is said to be the second largest granite building in the world.

Home to the oldest newspaper in Scotland.
The Press and Journal newspaper, which is published in Aberdeen and serves the northeast of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands, was launched in 1747. It is the oldest Scottish newspaper and also one of the longest-running newspapers in the world!

We aren’t the only Aberdeen in the world!
There are more than 30 places called Aberdeen around the world. Those places can be found as far away as South Africa, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong where the main harbour is the Aberdeen Harbour.

The Glengoyne Distillery Scotland

Home to a record number of whisky distilleries.
Scottish whisky is famous all over the world but did you know that there are 17 whisky distilleries in the Aberdeenshire area?

donmouth beach Aberdeen

Aberdeen has dolphins.
Based on the North East Coast of Scotland, Aberdeen is home to one of the biggest harbours in Scotland and its coastline has impressive wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled when visiting Cove Bay, Torry Battery and Donmouth beach as you may spot bottlenose and white-beaked dolphins leaping, playing and scouting for fish.

river dee Aberdeen

Home to Scotland’s oldest bridge.
Brig O’Balgownie, which is located close to Seaton Park, is the oldest bridge in Scotland! Built in 1320, it is operational up until today and many people cross it every day not even realising how old it is!

Aberdeen is a golfer's paradise

A golfer’s paradise.
If you are into golf then you are into the right place! There are more than 70 golf courses in Aberdeenshire with incredible views and lush scenery.

City of millionaires.
Aberdeen’s postcode is one of the luckiest ones with the National Lottery making more than 40 millionaires in the city!

Aberdeen has its own dialect.
Like many other places, the North East of Scotland has its own dialect called ‘Doric’. Spoken in Aberdeen and surrounding area, it is so distinctive and different from other Scots Gaelic dialects that some people think it is a language on its own!

Did you know all these facts about Aberdeen? Which is the one that surprised you the most?

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