Why do postgraduate study?

Well, for starters, returning to university and being a student again is an exciting affair. But on a serious note, here are some reasons why you should be considering studying a masters’ degree:

Career Progression

Having a relevant postgraduate qualification could give you a competitive edge in the job market. A higher-level qualification shows your ability to commit to an intense period of study. It demonstrates that you possess the motivation to develop your skills to succeed in your chosen field.  If you’re already working in your preferred industry, a postgraduate qualification can lead to career progression as your employer may recognise and reward your commitment.

Improve employment prospects

Master’s degrees in the UK tend to be well regarded by employers. The government’s Graduate labour market statistics: 2017 show that graduates and postgraduates had higher employment rates than non-graduates.

Postgraduates were also more likely to be in high-skilled employment like professional or managerial roles (UK Labour Market). For example, 77% of all working-age postgraduates were in high-skilled employment, compared with 65% of all working-age graduates. Indeed, 73% of young postgraduates – those under the age of 30 – were in high-skilled employment in 2017, compared with just 57% of young undergraduates. 

Pursuing a research/academic career

In the research industry, especially in subject areas like engineering and sciences, there is a high demand for skilled research professionals to work in path-breaking research projects. A postgraduate degree is stepping stone if you are considering building a research or academic career in your desired field. To advance to a PhD degree, postgraduate degree is a must; it provides a framework for your next step.

Changing careers

Postgraduate study can also help if you want to change career direction. If you are no longer interested in your field of study from your undergraduate degree and are looking into a new career – a masters degree can give you the professional qualification to begin your new career.

The postgraduate degree is also a more professional setting and therefore it can provide you with useful contacts that may lead up to employment options.

Why choose RGU?

Ranked as the top university in Scotland for industry connections (THE 2018) and employability (DLHE ‘18), RGU is one of the best places to do your Master’s degree. It is also located in Aberdeen, which has been named as the best Scottish city to live and work in (Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index).

Robert Gordon University offers full-time, part-time and online postgraduate courses starting in January and September. Find out more information on our website.


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