Studying MSc Solar Energy Systems at RGU

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We caught up with Larissa Lourdes González Valverde, an international student from Mexico who is currently studying MSc Solar Energy Systems at RGU. Larissa speaks to us about applying to RGU, her course experience so far and living in Aberdeen.

Why did you decide to study MSc Solar Energy Systems at RGU?

Larissa -  Student of the MSc Solar Energy Systems at RGU - standing near a tree.

Solar energy is not a new energy source. It has been used widely in aerospace applications for a long time. Its ubiquitous availability, the necessity of cleaner energy sources, and the versatility of solar technology applications make it a valuable gift for society and the environment.

Everyone has their own dreams. Mine was to study MSc Solar Energy Systems at Robert Gordon University. After a long process of four years, it has become a reality.

Larissa Valverde, MSc Solar Energy Systems student at RGU

My passion for environmental issues got me interested in green energy solutions. Energy transition has become a necessity. This has led to the demand for professionals focused on renewable energies. They contribute to reducing environmental pollution which makes them indispensable people – well trained in this area to have a cleaner world.

The course also complemented my experience in designing and producing biofuels through enzymes generated by food wastage. In simple words, the degree aligned with my dreams, experiences and ideologies perfectly.

Larissa Valverde, MSc Solar Energy Systems student at RGU

The application and visa processes to study at RGU and move to the UK were fairly simple. The staff were very friendly and helped me through my journey. Additionally, the RGU website was very clear and informative and everything I needed was on there.

Tell us about your course experience

The MSc Solar Energy Systems course is a unique programme. It is a combination of knowledge and practice and is taught by some of the leading professionals in the field. It is an exceptional opportunity to learn about the new trends coming into the energy industry.

Larissa Valverde, MSc Solar Energy Systems student at RGU

Studying at RGU has been an enriching experience so far. Not only has my English language proficiency increased, but I have acquired vast knowledge about various solar PV and thermal technologies.

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My favourite modules were ENM 293 Advanced Solar Technology and ENM 283 Smart Grids. The first module gave me the opportunity to use multiple software programs such as PVsyst for solar PV and POLYSUN for solar thermal. These are used by engineers in the field and it was exciting to learn and use such real-time concepts. The second module was related to electric engineering. It was so well-taught. It made me realise that even someone with a chemist background like me can become an expert electrician.

Tell us a little bit about living in Aberdeen

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I moved to Aberdeen to experience one of my favourite cultures in the world – the Scottish. Scotland has been very welcoming towards international students. It is a lovely place for studying, offering beautiful landscapes and a variety of outdoors activities. Aberdeen City has been under a lockdown since I arrived and I have not been able to go out much. Opportunities to travel are quite scarce now because of the pandemic, however, I can’t wait to explore Scotland once the restrictions are eased.

So far, Duthie Park is the place I go to often. The pretty views and a walk along the river relax me.

Larissa Valverde, MSc Solar Energy Systems student at RGU

What would you say to someone who is considering studying this course at RGU?

In today’s world, we are facing a huge economical and energy crisis. These hard times require intelligent solutions to help transform the current situation. Education is an inspirational path to follow to find smart solutions for common problems.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about becoming a solar energy expert and strives to make the world a better place.

Larissa Valverde, MSc Solar Energy Systems student at RGU

What do you want to do when you complete the course?

I come from a country where solar energy is not a reality yet. Once I finish my course I would like to return to my country and take solar energy to communities that do not have access to electric energy yet. Additionally, I would like to be a student link between Mexico and the UK in terms of solar energy.

Larissa Lourdes González Valverde

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