Doing a Masters in International Marketing Management

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After completing my undergraduate degree in Events Management, I made the decision to stay in Aberdeen and study masters for one more year at RGU.

I was hesitating between two very different courses which were Financial Management and International Marketing Management. However, I was sure that I wanted to continue my studies at Robert Gordon University. I had only positive memories and experiences during the 4 years I spent at RGU. The teachers are very nice and understanding and always helped me if I had any issues or problems. After evaluating the two courses, I decided to pursue International Marketing Management. I felt the course would help me broaden my career options and opportunities after university. During the first semester, I had 3 modules; Marketing Strategy, Strategic Digital Communication and International Brand Management.

For Marketing Strategy, I had a really intense first week with lectures, every day from 9am to 5pm. During this first week, we learned the basics of marketing. On the first day, we were allocated to groups of 3 where we had to work during the first week. At the end of our first week, we had to present our marketing idea in the allocated groups. My group chose the brand ‘Disney’. I found it very positive that we could choose the brand we work on for our assignment (which was a 6000 words Marketing Plan). I had the opportunity to write and study about the brand that I am very passionate about, Harry Potter. We had fun during the first week and learned a lot as well, after that, I knew that I made an excellent decision by choosing International Marketing Management for my Master’s degree. In my opinion, the first week was brilliant! Not only because it introduces the course very well and gave us an idea of the level of work you put into a postgraduate course, but spending every day at university made it easier to get to know my course mates and create new friendships which I am very grateful for.

Digital Media was also an amazing and hard course to study. During the module, I was able to learn interesting facts about online marketing. Throughout the course, we closely studied one of the local Aberdonian hotel’s online marketing and promotional tools. We went out to visit the hotel where we got interesting insights about its online marketing. I love this course a lot because it gave us a real opportunity to see how the module applies to real-life scenarios and how a digital marketing role works in a real working environment.

Both previous modules were extremely interesting and beneficial to study and I am not lying when I say I absolutely loved them, however, my favourite module was International Brand Management. This was something I did in my undergraduate degree, and I knew that I was really passionate about it. During my masters, I had a much deeper insight which made me enjoy it a lot more and realized how passionate I am about branding. In the second semester of the university, we will be asked to do a dissertation and I am more than sure that the topic I will choose for it will definitely involve Branding.

All in all, I am having an excellent time at International marketing management and I did not regret choosing the course at all. I am very happy to be a student at RGU and looking forward to studying and getting to know more interesting facts about my chosen degree in the second semester.


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