Studying at RGU and settling in Aberdeen

People move quite a lot in the world and for many different purposes, it is one of the many features of the modern world and living in it. Though no one ever said doing so is an easy thing no matter the normalcy of the event.

Moving from home especially for your studies is a task and a half, with many concerns that plague the mind throughout the ordeal. One particular concern that always manifests itself in everyone’s mind is the struggle of settling into new lands and adjusting to the new lifestyle that it brings.

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It was one of the primary concerns that I had when moving to Aberdeen to study at the Robert Gordon University. Though I can say quite happily, my fears were quite unfounded the minute I landed in the city and started meeting people in town and the university.

Aberdeen and its neighborhoods present different experiences depending on where in the city you live. You could be living in the relaxing suburbs, the activity driven city centre and its adjacent areas, or a mix of both in certain places in the city. Nothing is usually more than a twenty-twenty five-minute bus ride away from any given point in the city.

The two buses that any RGU student need remember is the Number One and Number Two as they will get you to most relevant places in the city within a few stops and can be hopped on from quite a number of places. You could be on staying on the RGU campus in either of the two towers and have the ability to take a very relaxing walk along the River Dee and explore the campus in its entirety, or you could be near Duthie Park and take part in regular activities and events held there. If you prefer, you could be in the city centre and be in the midst of the city’s vibrant night life. There is definitely something for everyone as I had come to discover during my studies in Aberdeen.  

The lifestyle in Aberdeen is what you make of it. Aberdeen is a compact and thriving city with a good range of nightlife and easy access to the countryside. The city provides comfort and convenience at every turn and gives you ample opportunity to integrate and enjoy your own preferences. You need not worry about going through the motions of moving into a new place and being homesick.

Being a student at RGU gives you access to a number of facilities including those that cater to your physical but more importantly your mental wellbeing. RGU has an entire wing dedicated to hearing you out. The Student Counselling & Wellbeing Centre at RGU is there to listen to the students to help them deal with not only academic pressures but the natural stress they might face when moving into a new place away from home. As they themselves say “Studying at University is an exciting and rewarding experience. For some it also brings changes which might at times be difficult and stressful.”

So be excited when coming to RGU and the city of Aberdeen. You will be well catered to and will always find a helping hand to make living in your new life in the city that more enriching and easier to adjust too. There is a wonderful journey to be had while living here in the Granite City.


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