Top 6 things to pack in your suitcase: International Student Guide

Are you an international student beginning studies at RGU and confused about what to pack? Here are 6 things that you must consider packing as you gear up to move to a new country:

Important documents

As you fly into to the UK, it is important to carry all of your important documents including passport, copy of your CAS statement, international insurance plan (if applicable) and so on, in your hand luggage. At the UK border checks in the airport, you will be required to present these to an officer.


If you have a health condition that requires you to be on medication, make sure you bring a supply for a month, along with the prescription. Once you settle in Aberdeen, you will be instructed to register with your local General Practitioner (GP). After that, you can make regular appointments to for your medication.

Traditional outfits

Don’t forget to pack your traditional dress as this kind of fashion may be difficult to find. During your student life, there will be at least one occasion where you might wish to wear them!

Winter clothing

If you are from a tropical or sub-tropical country, keep in mind that Aberdeen is WAY colder than the climate you are used to. Therefore, even if you are going shopping in your home country, be mindful of the clothes that you are buying – thick woollen clothing is recommended. Make sure to buy some thermal wear and perhaps a sturdy jacket to use when you land. Buying just a few sets is recommended as the airlines that you are flying with may have baggage restrictions. You can always shop more in Aberdeen depending on your requirements – stores like Primark, H&M, Next and River Island have great winter collection that you can choose from.

Photos and memories from home

Moving to a new country can be difficult, therefore it is important bring items like photos and souvenirs from back home to keep at your new place.

For me, this was of massive help; I missed home a lot and I scattered little things like photos, fridge magnets, dream catchers, lockets and so on, across my house. This made me more relaxed, happy and comfortable in my new home.

Rare ingredients

When I moved, I carried some authentic spices and powders from India worrying that I would not find them here. Surprisingly I was wrong, Aberdeen has so many international food stores and you can get ingredients to cook almost any kind of cuisine. Nevertheless, I was happy to have bought it, as it was homemade by my gran and the meals I cooked here helped me feel connected to my hometown.

If you decide to carry food, make sure that you try and carry only solids or dry ingredients as many airlines do not allow you to carry liquids. It is also best to look at the terms and conditions section of the airlines that you are flying with for advice on this matter. Remember that Customs also prohibit you to take certain items into the country. Please read advice on what you can and cannot take with you.

While packing, remember that you do not need to carry EVERYTHING that you need to survive on. It is natural to feel anxious, but focus on packing just a few necessary items and the rest can be bought here. Aberdeen is a student centered city, therefore you will be able to benefit from student discounts when you shop with your Student ID card.


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