Doing an MBA or starting a family? I chose both!

MBA graduate Katarína shares her experience studying at RGU as a new mum and gives some advice to current and prospective students.

This is my story of how I found out that at RGU you don’t have to choose between an MBA programme and motherhood. I hope this can inspire any young professionals out there that are asking how they can combine their career ambitions with their private life. In case you don’t make it to the end of this article, the answer is – with lots of help and little sleep! 

My way to the MBA at RGU

When I finished my International Relations Master studies, I thought that I was done with studying. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it – quite the contrary – but I really hated writing coursework. 

Well, five years later into my work life, I found myself operating in a completely new field: marketing. That’s when I realised that I am extremely interested in how companies function, how they analyse the markets, set their strategy, and become successful. However, I lacked both the skills and the experience to progress my marketing career.

So, when I came across the newsletter of Energy Industries Council promoting MBA programmes at RGU, I did my research and found out that both the university and the programme are a great match for my values and my ambitions. And two months after the announcement that I won a 100% scholarship, I started my MBA journey – including writing lots of coursework again!

The highlights of my MBA

From the first online lecture, through the insightful and exciting Leadership Week, all the way to handing in my consultancy project, I simply loved every minute of the MBA programme. I have built great friendships, learned a lot, got inspired and was able to put literally everything I’ve learned directly into practice.

The supporting and caring atmosphere at RGU helped me during the challenging times when work or family commitments made time management an impossible task. I’ve learned that it is important to stay curious and fully utilise this incredible opportunity to ask questions and get answers from both industry professionals and academics.

Combining my MBA with becoming a mother

Working on your career AND doing an MBA is extremely time consuming and does not seem like the best time to also start a family. However, I feel that it is extremely important to show young professionals that it is possible – with lots of support and little sleep.

The big advantage of RGU’s MBA programme is that it is almost completely online. This allows you to approach it in your own time. I have spent some nights listening to lectures during night feeds and found out that some lecturers do have a calming effect on my baby.

I have also mastered my time management skills and my resilience. Furthermore, both the MBA director and my fellow students were extremely understanding and supporting in times of extreme tiredness that all young parents know just too well. I wouldn’t change a thing about my decision!

My advice? Trust that it will work out somehow!

All in all, I am very grateful for all the support I have been given from RGU, my study group, friends, and family. They made it possible for me to work on my career and broadening my horizons, while at the same time becoming a mother of an incredible little human being.

Don’t postpone starting a family if that’s what you want. The sleepless nights are easier to manage while you’re young and the modules will keep you sane on days when you feel like you’ve lost yourself in the pile of diapers and dirty clothes.

Katarína Linzner

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  1. I love this blog Katarina. You are an incredible person and I am very grateful to have been a part of your own journey and extremely proud of how you managed to juggle your priority and time! Well done again and keep reaching for the stars.

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