Receiving the Dean’s Award at RGU’s Aberdeen Business School

Project Management student Favour made the difficult decision to leave her family behind and move to Aberdeen to pursue her dream of studying Project Management at RGU. She has now received recognition for her outstanding academic performance by receiving the Dean’s Award at Aberdeen Business School. Read more about her journey and hear some advice on how to follow a similar path in this blog.

What does receiving the Dean’s Award mean to you and your career?

My nomination for the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Performance at Aberdeen Business School was a major highlight of my academic experience at RGU. Receiving this prestigious award by the Dean means a whole lot to me as it quantifies my academic performance. I hope it will also allow me to stand out amongst a multitude of graduates and aspiring project managers. As such, this recognition will forever endow the memory of studying at RGU on shores of my heart.

How did you feel when you received your award?

After receiving an invitation by the Dean upon my selection for the Dean of School Award for Academic Excellence, I was consumed by a flood of excitement. I felt very grateful to God and to the school management for honouring my academic performance.

This was even more special as pursuing a master’s degree in Project Management at RGU had been a long-term goal, with a series of preparations and highly emotional episodes. I had to say goodbye to my family and loved ones back at home to fulfil this dream of mine which had finally become a reality. While walking across the big stage when called upon to receive my award, I was gratified to have pushed through every challenge encountered while on this journey.

What were the most challenging parts of your journey?

Following my late start at RGU due to a series of challenges experienced, including the delayed response from UKVI on my Visa application, I was apprehensive and overwhelmed adjusting to a new school system as I had been out of the academic environment for a really long time. I remember slipping into panic mode about the situation and talking to my Course Leader about it. She was amazing and provided me with a well of encouragement while advising me to read books provided in the reading list on Moodle.

I had to catch up on previous lectures and gradually get familiar with Moodle where the lecture materials were being uploaded. This also coincided with having to manage administrative tasks in my personal life, such as opening a new bank account and securing a permanent accommodation.

Lastly, participating in group exercises and representing my teammates in various presentations was a hurdle I had to overcome and get accustomed to in order to fuel my vision as a successful Project Manager!

What target did you set yourself to succeed?

To be honest, I did not set a specific target to be selected for such a prestigious award. The Dean’s Award requires having all A’s in all course modules undertaken, which is a really high bar. However, I was optimistic and determined to put in my very best as much as I could regardless of how much sleepless nights this might require.

I started my first coursework after Pause and Reflect Week (now Connect and Reflect) and I ensured I made use of opportunities presented by RGU to awaken and sharpen my Academic Writing and Academic Research Skills.

Do you have advice to students wanting to receive a Dean’s Award?

As a current or prospective student desiring to gain significant recognition along the way at RGU, a very important factor is to prioritize the academic experience. This includes asking questions, participating in all lecture sessions and group tasks and embracing additional services and support provided by RGU throughout the academic year such as Study Skills, support services, the Student Help Point, and library services.

Start every course work as early as possible and commence preparation for exams and assessments from the start of each semester. Learn from feedback provided following previous submissions. Do not be discouraged when things seem to fall out of plan, it’s all part of the exciting learning process. Be optimistic about the uniqueness of your educational journey because it will all be worth it at the end!

Favour Gana

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