Shopping for African food in Aberdeen

As an international student moving to or living in Aberdeen, you might wonder if you will be able to cook traditional food from your home country. RGU student Ibidunni Awe, from Nigeria, shares a few tips on where to find African food in Aberdeen, which may be easier than you thought!

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Carrying food from home

As soon as I received my offer to study at RGU, I went online to find information about what I should take along with me as a Nigerian moving to Scotland. I found many extensive lists of different ingredients to bring. Some of the items listed were: 1 gallon of palm oil, at least 15kg of garri (cassava flour), packs of dry and Cameroon pepper, crayfish, okporoko, stockfish, egushi, ogbono, cartons of Indomie noodles, and more. However, carrying all this is very unnecessary! It is also important to note that the UK has restrictions on what food products you are allowed to take into the country. Find out more about bringing food into the UK.

I didn’t bring all the food items on the so-called list. This was a great decision as it meant I had enough space to bring other valuable items with me, instead of food that I can find in Aberdeen.

Best shops to find African food ingredient and products

Here is a list of stores in Aberdeen where you can find African food items and other products you might want. Though they may seem more expensive compared to the price back home, they are still affordable. The good thing about these stores is that they are located within walking distance of each other. If you can’t find the item you need in one shop, you can drop by another one to check if they have it.

De’Glory – 542 George Street, AB25 3XL

The owner is very welcoming, and the shop attracts a lot of families. They have this amazing chinchin which I personally love to snack on.

Harmonie African/Caribbean Foods – 555 George Street, AB25 3XX

Harmonie and De’Glory are very similar. They are adjacent to each other and stocked up on almost exactly the same items. The store is owned and managed by a couple, who are extremely welcoming. I like Harmonie as they try to build a connection with students and get involved in activities organised by the Nigerian Student Society here at RGU.

Angela’s Africentre – 214 George Street, AB25 1BS

Angela is owned by an Igbo woman. If you like cassava flour swallows (fufu), Angela sells ready-made versions of them. They keep it frozen to preserve it.

Rice n Spice – 175 King Street, AB24 5BH

This store is managed by a Ghanian person. I visited the store once with my friend from Ghana and she felt very at home while chatting to the cashier in her mother tongue.

Spice Of Asia – 54 John Street, AB25 1LL

I mostly visit Spice of Asia to get my fresh beef and tripe. They also have this barbecued or roasted turkey which tastes and smells amazing.

Watch my Instagram video to help you better understand the items and products stocked up in these stores.

Shopping budget

The amount you spend on shopping largely depends on your individual preferences and requirements. My friend and I share a home; therefore, we combine our shopping because we are like sisters. The cost of purchasing food for two in a month at the African store is essentially over £100. Don’t forget to take into account shopping in other supermarkets while planning your food budget.

Ibidunni Awe

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