Studying BSc Applied Biomedical Science

Jack Bryce, BSc Biomedical Science Student at RGU, near the beach

My name is Jack Bryce, and I am 21 years old. I am in the final year of my BSc Applied Biomedical Science course. This is the first blog that I have ever written! Here’s my student journey and I hope it helps you with yours.

Choosing my course and RGU

When I was in secondary school, I actually wanted to study Applied Sports and Exercise Science. It was my first priority when I first started looking at undergraduate courses and universities. But my interest changed when my biology teacher told me about the Biomedical Science course at RGU, a course that she had studied. I always had a keen interest in the healthcare professions but I hadn’t heard of courses other than pharmacy and medicine.

Luckily, at that time, RGU was offering an ‘Access Programme’ where I could visit RGU every Tuesday evening for ten weeks. Through this programme, I learnt more about the course and participated in laboratory exercises.

Jack Bryce, BSc Applied Biomedical Science Student at RGU

Studying BSc Applied Biomedical Science at RGU

In my first semester, we were made aware of the fact that there were three different routes through which we can finish the course. The one that stood out for me was the Applied Biomedical Science route as it offered a placement in the NHS. This route would also allow me to work for the NHS as a Biomedical Scientist.

Once I successfully started the Applied Biomedical Science route, my career ambitions truly began. The course has helped me to start my Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) portfolio and be on the path to becoming a Biomedical Scientist.

The course has allowed me to have placements in the NHS in both my second year and third year. I was able to see a working laboratory and gain experience in carrying out tasks within a laboratory. This was something I imagined I could do when I first started RGU.

Jack Bryce, BSc Applied Biomedical Science Student at RGU

Unfortunately, my placement was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, amazingly RGU was able to get us a week of placement to allow us to complete our portfolio. This is one of the times where I have seen RGU go above and beyond to ensure their students the best education. To compensate for our short placement, we were supplied with videos of the laboratory tasks being carried out. This was helpful in seeing how the theory that we learnt translates to practical work.

Advice to future students

University does bring its challenges. But I have always been a firm believer in the fact that if you put in the hard work you will reap the benefits. Student life during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging. However, I have learnt to adapt and overcome challenges such as changes in the mode of lecture delivery and lack of laboratory time. RGU offer a lot of help ranging from referencing, IT support, study resources, career support and much more.

The lecturers that I have at RGU have been extremely supportive. They have had a profound impact on my professional and personal development as a student. Throughout COVID-19, RGU and NHS lecturers have been amazing at offering support and reassurance. I have also made some lifelong friends during my time at RGU and they have made my experience at university amazing.

Jack Bryce

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