Studying BSc Biomedical Science at RGU

My name is Raashi Joshi and I am a third-year Biomedical Science student at Robert Gordon university. Read on to learn about my RGU experience.

Choosing to study abroad

Raashi's BSc Biomedical Science experience at RGU.

Pursuing my higher education abroad has always been my dream. In 2016, my high school organised an educational fair featuring universities from different countries across the world. Each university did a brief presentation on the courses they offered, facilities, student experience and much more. This had a very deep impact on me and increased my desire to pursue international education. After discussing this with my parents, I set on a mission to find the university that would best suit me.

Choosing RGU

The process of searching for a university was a big task for me. There were so many countries to choose from and so many international universities offering the course of my choice. I chose the UK as my study destination as it is one of best countries in the world to offer quality education. It is also a country of many cultures and I believed that studying here would give me the best international experience.

My main subject of interest was biology. I chose to study an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science specifically because I wanted to have a career in developmental biology.

I chose RGU because the BSc Biomedical Science course was designed in such a way that you could choose from many different career options. You could choose to become a biotechnologist, a microbiologist, a neuroscientist, a forensic scientist or anything else in the field.

Raashi Joshi, BSc Biomedical Science Student at RGU

BSc Biomedical Science course experience

Raashi's BSc Biomedical Science experience at RGU.

In my first year, Biology for Life Sciences and Practical Skills in Biomedical Science were the two modules that I enjoyed the most. My favourite part of the course are the laboratory sessions, especially the Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology labs. The practical experiments combined with the theory lectures helped me gain complete knowledge of the topics. My course instructors and other staff at RGU have been very supportive through my journey.

Due the pandemic, RGU switched to online learning. All laboratory activities are now conducted on CampusMoodle. We have virtual laboratories and experiment videos as a substitute to help us understand the concepts better. Although I miss being in the lab physically, virtual labs are safe and risk-free. Safety first!

Raashi Joshi, BSc Biomedical Science Student at RGU

Advice to future students

I would recommend RGU, not only because I have gained knowledge academically, but also because it has made me the person I am today. I would suggest future students push themselves out of their comfort zones in every way possible.

I have been involved with RGU:Union since the start of my course. I have participated in many student volunteering activities. I have now become the Equality Champion for Disability and Inclusion!

Raashi Joshi, BSc Biomedical Science Student at RGU

Overall, I am really enjoying my course so far. I have decided that I want to be a Medical Microbiologist in the future. I am sure that RGU will fully prepare me for this career before my graduation.

Raashi Joshi

Raashi's BSc Biomedical Science experience at RGU.

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