From Pakistan to Aberdeen

From Pakistan to Scotland

My journey from Pakistan to Aberdeen started when I took the decision to do a master’s degree that could help me expand my knowledge and boost my career. There were many different Universities and courses to choose from so I consulted “The Complete University Guide-league tables” to narrow down my options before applying for my course.


While exploring my options in the UK, I came across Robert Gordon University. The University’s website was very helpful providing detailed information about my course of interest. It was commendable to see the University’s accreditation with professional bodies and the industry trained staff that delivered the course. Moreover, the technology that I wanted to implement in my home country was already used in Scotland so I knew I’d get a first-hand experience of Scotland’s mandate to achieve this, later on, in Pakistan.

This allowed me to understand the great return on investment that I was going to get after completing my MSc degree in Construction Project Management at RGU.

From Pakistan to Scotland


After receiving my unconditional offer to study in RGU, I applied for the Saltire Scholarship. A few days later, I was overwhelmed to open a letter that came all the way from Aberdeen to Pakistan to notify me that I was awarded the scholarship. Reading the letter brought me joy and made me feel that I was set on the right pathway to achieve my aim.


As a final step, I had to book my accommodation and once again the RGU website came in handy offering all the information I needed. I chose to apply for the university accommodation which is well suited to newcomers.

The visa application process was a bit difficult but I received help from the RGU representatives in Pakistan. They helped me understand the visa application process, gather all the information required and gave me more information about life in Aberdeen.

Having these discussions was another tick on my list of positive things about Aberdeen, as I gained enough confidence that enabled me to make the right decision to study in one of the best universities in Scotland.


RGU has state-of-the-art facilities based on the campus along the River Dee. This setting gives you the best serene walks if you want to relax after class on a bright sunny day. The administration and school are very helpful and if you have any problems or queries they sort it out for you in the best way possible.

RGU also offers excellent support and advice services. They conduct workshops which can help you develop the skills required to cope with the research world and they have a dedicated place to worship your religion at Kaim Cottage.

The people of Aberdeen are welcoming and they have a friendly attitude towards people from different countries.

from Pakistan to Scotland

I still remember my first day in RGU. It was not what I had expected as the weather here is unpredictable and I wasn’t prepared for it. It was raining cats and dogs and was windy. I had to master the art of holding an umbrella against the wind fairly quickly. Now, I know why people wear waterproof clothing instead of holding an umbrella! Having said that it doesn’t rain here all the time, it can be very sunny too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience! If you are planning to study at RGU I can guarantee you that you are going to have an amazing experience.

Hamza Khan Shinwari

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