Celebrating Black History Month 2023 at RGU

It’s time to celebrate Black History Month (BHM) at RGU! During October, there will be many opportunities to get involved with an exciting line-up of events waiting for you. Student President for Education and Welfare Toyin tells us more about what BHM is and how you can engage with the array of activities.

What is Black History Month and what does it mean to you?

Black History Month is a celebration of the continued excellence achieved by black people over many generations. To me, Black History Month represents the possibilities and potentials that lie in all of us. Through faith and confidence in our roots, culture, and diversity, we can achieve the impossible.

Can you tell us more about this year’s theme?

This year’s theme is “Celebrating our diverse community: Global Citizens at RGU and beyond”.

The diverse student community is what makes RGU an admirable institution. By recognising this diversity and celebrating our uniqueness, we create a culture of confidence and strengthen our belief in humanity.

I believe that RGU has always felt like home to students from diverse ethnicities because of how well the school shows its acceptance and respect for the uniqueness every student brings.

What have the University and the Union planned for BHM 2023?

We have plans to celebrate Black History Month by launching some exciting activities such as a talent showcase where students can come celebrate through their arts – music, dance, poetry, and many more. We will also be hosting a themed movie screening showing the excellence and strength of black people.

Additionally, we are also organising a meet and greet event where students can meet with fellow black people who have achieved excellence in their fields.

I am excited about these events because they aim to bring students together and to celebrate our uniting differences and cultures. It is important that as students, we get involved in the celebrations because it can serve as a learning opportunity for us all about the roots and dynamism of black people. Do visit the union website to get updates on the events line-up for BHM.

As President of Education and Welfare, what do you hope to achieve with BHM at RGU?

As student president, I hope to utilise BHM as a campaign to pass a message of self-confidence, leadership, acceptance, and celebration to all students.

I am hoping that students will become inspired to embrace their true uniqueness without the fear of being rejected. Through Black History Month, we can all see our heroes (past and living) as a motivation to love our roots.

I am positive that Black History Month this year will teach us more about the ongoing work of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion being done by the University.

Is there a way that students can get involved beyond Black History Month?

Of course. We have Student Equality Champions who will be driving campaigns and events throughout the year. Our unified goal is to make RGU a more EDI-friendly campus and to improve the student experience through diversity campaigns.

To find out more about these events/campaigns, please visit the Union website and look out for our notifications throughout to year.

Do you have a message to share for the BIPOC community at RGU?

My message to the BIPOC community is to live unapologetically. There is so much light in you waiting to be seen. Don’t hold back in fear but step out as your true self. The world is your stage.

Oluwatoyin Bolajoko

Find out more about all the upcoming events on the RGU:Union website. We hope to see you there!

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