My Extraordinary Expedition to Aberdeen and RGU through the GREAT Scholarship – Part 2

In his last blog, master’s student Furqan shared how he obtained the GREAT Scholarship to come study at RGU and his experience settling in Aberdeen and at university.

In this blog, he tells us more about the exciting things he experienced during his year at RGU, from travelling across Scotland to attending networking events and gaining work experience on placement.

Make sure to read Part 1 of this blog before you continue reading!

Exploring Scotland

I arrived in Scotland in September, and I went on my first trip to Inverness and Loch Ness in October. Something that I have found very exciting about the University’s Reslife team is the regular trips they arrange for students. When I talk about these experiences with my friends studying in other universities, they get surprised!

I also went to Edinburgh with the ResLife team on a day trip to see the stunning Christmas Market. The chance to engage in these organized trips has allowed me to create lasting memories and create new connections with fellow students.

In addition to these organised trips, I have ventured on solo expeditions to various parts of Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, and Stonehaven. These independent journeys have offered me the freedom to chart my own course, exploring the unique offerings and historical landmarks of each destination.

As I continue to uncover the stunning scenery and hidden gems Scotland has to offer, I eagerly anticipate discovering more of this beautiful country. Whether it be the guided trips organised by the ResLife team or my own solo expeditions, each excursion has contributed to my personal growth, cultural understanding, and appreciation for the diverse landscapes and rich heritage that Scotland possesses.

Exploring more of the UK

I have also been to London and Manchester in England, and I am now planning on visiting more of the UK in the coming months and use this once in a lifetime opportunity of studying abroad to the fullest.

While my experiences in London and Manchester were truly memorable, my eagerness to explore more of the United Kingdom remains unquenched. There are countless other cities and regions awaiting my discovery, each with its own unique character, history, and attractions.

Furqan in front of Tower Bridge in London

Networking opportunities with my GREAT Scholarship

I never realised I will be able to get so many networking opportunities with the GREAT Scholarship. There was a networking opportunity right after another. Starting with a networking event in Lahore, to a Scholarship reception held in November at the University.

RGU also organised a reception for all the scholarship holders for the session 2022-23. It was a proud moment for me to represent my home country and meet other fellow students studying at the University from different nationalities!

Subsequently, I had the privilege of receiving an invitation to attend a distinguished scholarship reception held at the esteemed Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. To my delight, RGU demonstrated exceptional support by facilitating all necessary travel arrangements for my journey to Glasgow. This commitment to students exemplifies the university’s unwavering dedication to ensuring that no opportunity goes unattended.

I also had the honour of attending the prestigious GREAT Scholars Welcome and Networking event in Manchester. This remarkable gathering took place at Emirates Old Trafford, Lancashire Cricket Club, a historically significant cricket stadium. The event proved to be an extraordinary experience, providing an opportunity to engage with esteemed individuals from Study UK – British Council, as well as notable guest speakers representing diverse industries and backgrounds. It filled me with immense pride to represent both my home country, Pakistan, and RGU as a GREAT Scholar for the session 2022-23.

One of the most memorable aspects of the occasion was the series of interactive workshops, delving into subjects such as leadership, sustainability, and future career prospects. These engaging sessions allowed me to enhance my skills, broaden my perspectives, and forge meaningful connections with fellow scholars hailing from various universities across the UK. In the span of a single day, I had the privilege of meeting remarkable individuals and forming lasting friendships.

Placement opportunities at RGU

I also had the privilege of undertaking a four-week placement as part of my course. With the unwavering support of RGU’s placement staff and their industry connections, I secured a placement that aligned with my field of study.

Working alongside professionals, I gained valuable real-world experience, honed my skills, and deepened my understanding of the professional landscape. RGU’s extensive network of industry partnerships and ongoing mentorship ensured a seamless transition from academia to the professional world, equipping me with the practical skills needed for my future career. The placement experience at RGU has been transformative, shaping my path and providing me with the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

My suggestion to anyone coming to study a course which has a year placement option is to go for it, because the career support you will get at RGU will be exceptional.

Personal growth and reflection

Studying abroad as a GREAT Scholarship recipient at RGU offered me more than just an exceptional education—it facilitated personal growth and transformation. The journey allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, navigate new environments, and embrace diverse perspectives. I developed resilience, adaptability, and an enhanced global mindset that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavours.

This remarkable adventure has been filled with invaluable lessons, treasured memories, and a newfound appreciation for the transformative power of international education. Through immersive cultural experiences, rigorous academic pursuits, and personal growth, I have not only expanded my knowledge but also cultivated lifelong skills and forged meaningful connections. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity, and I eagerly anticipate the future chapters it will inspire.

I hope my experience inspires the future international students to choose RGU as their study destination and take advantage from the wonderful scholarship opportunities the University provides to students.

Furqan Shakil

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