Clearing at RGU – Megan’s story

Events Management student Megan tells us about her experience applying to RGU through Clearing and the highlights of her time at university.

Why did you apply through Clearing?

I should have applied through the end semester of my HND in Events Management, but because I was so unsure of where I wanted to go next or what I saw happening for me in the future I focused primarily on my final projects and finishing my HND.

I knew that Clearing was an option if I decided I wanted to apply after the main deadline; we had been told about it at school a few years prior. Because I was so unsure, I wanted to see what else there was that I could do before I committed to university as I knew I couldn’t go in with a half mind. It had to be an all in or not in decision. There is no point in half committing and not making the best of the experience!

How did you find the Clearing experience?

The whole way through my journey with Clearing I was in touch with an incredibly helpful member of the RGU Admissions team, as prior to actually applying I had asked some questions about the Degree Link programme ran in partnership with my past college.

The UCAS website and application process was easy. I was able to find the courses I was looking for quickly and the layout and instructions were understandable to navigate. I was able to browse courses across many different universities and applied to RGU with ease.

I think I was more uneasy when waiting for the confirmation of my offer to come through. The process was great and the team super helpful, I was very grateful.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering applying through Clearing?

The advice I would give is to use the extra time that Clearing allows for. I know there are so many people who are dead set on going to university whether this be from Academy or College, but I was grateful to have that extra bit of time to decide. To do well, I knew I had to go into the course fully committed and not being unsure whether I had made the right decision.

That’s what Clearing allowed me to do. Now I’m not saying leave deciding to the last minute, but if you want to be able to explore other options first or look at other education routes (such as college) having Clearing in the back of your mind as an option would allow for this.

Why did you choose RGU?

RGU was the university I knew I wanted to apply to when I was considering my options at both Academy and College level. I had been to open days and been to the Garthdee campus for the ‘Access To…’ courses when I was younger, so I was aware of the different buildings and knew of the campus before I applied.

I also have a familial connection to RGU. My older sister has graduated from and since returned to study her Master’s at the University. My younger sister also went to RGU. Having this connection made me keen to study at RGU as I knew that if I were to get lost or in need of help in any aspect, I could ask them.

What have been some of your highlights studying at RGU?

There have been so many highlights during my time at the University, the whole experience is a highlight. I’ve learnt so much in my pursuit of experience and knowledge in my field of study. But the main highlight has to be the 2023 Aberdeen Student Festival and bringing the Arty Tea Party to life with my team at Alpas Events.

Seeing the idea we dreamed up come to life from the marketing to the operations was incredible, and being there on the day to see the reactions of the guests was mind-blowing. The event allowed us to raise a whopping £900.97 for Aberdeen Cyrenians and work with a host of stakeholders to make it possible.

Megan Elliott

We are now open for Clearing for you to join us in September 2023! This is your unique chance to embark on your university journey, whether you didn’t get the grades you hoped for or haven’t even thought about applying yet. Find out more about your options on the RGU website.

You can also attend some of our Clearing-related events, such as our Campus visits running throughout August, and our Virtual Parents Evening held vis Zoom on Monday 7 August between 7pm and 8pm.

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