From student nurse to a lecturer in nursing at RGU

Matthew studied Adult Nursing and Advancing Practice at RGU to pursue his dream of helping others, and is now back at the University to teach the future generation of nurses. Learn more about his journey in this blog.

What brought you into nursing?

Like many nurses, it was my personal experiences and family life growing up which prompted and inspired me to enter nursing as a profession. Having studied and worked in a variety of non-healthcare settings, I had established it was important for me to be in a job which involved working with people, developing professional relationships and helping individuals. Nursing provided an opportunity for me which felt like a natural and exciting career progression.

Throughout my undergraduate Adult Nursing education I valued every learning experience, both clinical and academic. It became apparent to me that I was drawn to working in the community setting and this was the direction I wanted to pursue.

As a student nurse, and registered nurse, every patient interaction was a privilege to be invited into someone’s own home to help and support them. I was further inspired by the professional and caring nurses I spent time with during my four years of study and practice learning. I started to explore exciting future opportunities such as postgraduate education in district nursing which spurred me on down my chosen path.

How has your career progressed and what does your daily job look like?

Following my graduation with a BN Hons degree, I took up a Community Nurse post and spent time consolidating my skills as a newly qualified nurse before embarking on the Advancing Practice District Nurse MSc programme at RGU.

This was a significant commitment which required dedicated study hours whilst working full time. However, it was an extremely valuable learning experience for me. In addition to this qualification, I also went on to complete the independent prescribing qualification and thoroughly enjoyed working in a number of community nursing teams across Aberdeenshire.

During my time in clinical practice, I really appreciated the time spent supporting and working with students and this prompted my next move into teaching as a Lecturer at RGU.

What does your career look like going forward?

Teaching and supporting nursing students at RGU is extremely rewarding. As an independent prescriber I initially supported within teaching for the prescribing module and later had the opportunity to take the lead role.

Within this, I have been involved with local and national networks to develop and enhance prescribing curriculum and support students undertaking the prescribing qualification. Going forward, there continues to be a variety of exciting development opportunities with nursing education. I hope to continue promoting community nursing and prescribing education and explore potential areas of research to inform clinical practice within these areas.

Matthew Sunter

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