Studying MSc Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship at RGU

Tiwaloluwa Oladigbo shares how his entrepreneurial background and thirst to learn more led him to study MSc Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship at RGU. Read more to learn about Tiwaloluwa’s experience of the course and plans for his future.

Can you tell us more about your journey as an entrepreneur?

I officially started my journey as an entrepreneur in 2009. Though from a legal academic background, I found more fulfilment in enterprise development. Beyond my corporate legal practice, I have ventured into media buying in advertising, commercial laundry, outdoor catering and associate film production. My ventures did evolve based on demand and innovations requiring strategic shifts in focus within the same industries. It has been a journey fraught with highs and lows attributable to economic factors, professional skills and management peculiarities.

Why did you choose to study MSc Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship at RGU?  

I understood the knowledge gap that I needed to fill to enhance my entrepreneurial journey; particularly in the ever-changing business environment driven by radical and disruptive innovations.  I had undertaken various short-term programs in other institutions in a bid to fill this gap but still felt incompetent in some areas. However, in my research into the most suitable program, I found the curriculum of MSc Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship at RGU absolutely apt for my needs. The academic cohort in Aberdeen Business School have a combination of industry and academic experts who in my opinion, at the time, were imbued with the experience and knowledge I believed would be beneficial. I am glad I made the decision. It certainly was a year of learning and practice.

What has been the highlight of your degree?

The degree certainly is well thought out and delivered. It is difficult to single out a particular event that stood out. However, I would say the synergy and relationship between all the modules was such a great experience. All the knowledge shared tied into grounding me in the concept of entrepreneurship in an innovative environment particularly with understanding the nature of enterprises and how to effectively create and sustainably manage them in an innovative world. Having to work on real time business pitches and present to real investors is an approach in testing the efficacy of the program which I absolutely benefited from.  

How will this degree support your career and future goals?

I certainly have implemented a lot of my learning in my existing enterprises and have seen incremental results. I also know many businesses suffer from lack of empirical guide to business sustainability strategies. So aside from using my knowledge acquired for self, I am confidently looking forward to offering my services to businesses as a consultant.

Can you tell us about your PhD research?

My PhD. research is situated in entrepreneurship study. My research is focused on entrepreneurial opportunity identification and exploitation of the Nigerian film maker; particularly with reverence to market expansion and audience focus. This is deductive of the nuanced observation of the non-diffusion of Nollywood film into western audience outside the ethnographic channel of Africans in Diaspora. Considering globalisation and liberalisation of access to global audiences availed by streaming and video on demand, Nollywood has not leveraged beyond cultural affinities. My investigation interrogates from the perspective of Nigerian film makers, the decision-making process, the role of audience selection in film marketing strategy, the identified opportunities explored and unexplored and the strategic focus for Nollywood if any.  

Any tips for future students or entrepreneurs? 

For students who are entrepreneurs or desire a career in entrepreneurship and innovation management, I would implore that they undertake this course and immerse themselves in the experience. It comes with its pressures but it is absolutely worth every effort committed. I have benefited from the course and can tell first hand how practical the knowledge delivered is. For entrepreneurs, years of dedicated empirical research exists in developing guidelines for sustainable entrepreneurship. I would encourage those who can, to undertake a course like this. I passionately recommend MSc Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship at RGU. In addition, it would also be advantageous to engage those who have the relevant knowledge and can guide them out of the pitfalls lurking for enterprises.    

Tiwaloluwa Oladigbo

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