Studying MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management to progress my career

Azibaolanari Okungbowa shares how the MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management degree at RGU will help progress her career aspirations. Having worked in finance for 14 years Azibaolanari was ready for change and embarked on the degree with the hope of ultimately working in consultancy.

Why did you choose Robert Gordon University (RGU)? 

I chose RGU because it is an innovative, accessible, impactful and professionally minded university. RGU’s applied learning, industry-centric approach, modern facilities and contemporary course content enables students to prepare for successful careers in a variety of professional fields. A degree from RGU is recognised and respected. No matter where I end up eventually in the strata of life as regards employability, the education will provide me with a solid foundation and boost my potential for finding the exact job.

What attracted you to study MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management? 

In any industry, goods need to be procured, stored and dispatched. Every retail organisation has a supply chain, so this is an area where there are multiple opportunities and I want to be a part of this growth and harness the skills needed for my future. Having worked in a multinational company for over 14 years with my finance-related skillset, a degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management will enable me to switch between industries with ease and excel. With an additional degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, I will be well-equipped to work in a wide range of industries.  

What has been the highlight of your degree? 

Imagination is the key to innovation, a key to solving problems. Using imagination through the RGU Innovation challenge, I received the RGU Innovation award. The skills gathered during the process were then put to use. I was able to see how Big Data Analytics can be deployed to solve the problems of climate change, especially in supply chain. I discovered that Big Data Analytics could be the key to reducing scope 3 emissions.  The research was used in the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) global symposium competition in the UK, and I emerged top 6 among other finalists.  

How have you benefited from being an affiliate member of CIPS during your studies? 

During my studies, I accessed a range of resources from CIPS designed to support my studies. These included engagement with CIPS global community of procurement and supply professionals, Global Standard (competency framework for the procurement and supply profession), Intelligence Hub and Supply Management magazine. Being an affiliate member provided me with networking opportunities with industry professionals and attendance to events, access to learning resources and industry news on the CIPS portal. I’m looking forward to how it will help in my career progression. 

What do you plan to do when you graduate? 

I want to become a consultant or subject matter expert finding problems, solving them using methodologies like root cause analysis, and identifying and correcting the source of a supply chain vulnerability. 

Any tips for future students? 

  1. Set high expectations for both your personal and academic performance and meet them. Pay attention to the inner voice that tells you, “I can handle this.” Have self-confidence. Recognise that school is work and not time to play. Don’t accept anything less than your very best.  
  2. Develop a full personality. As you work to educate yourself, keep in mind the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social components of existence. Each of these four dimensions should be developed daily. 
  3. And finally in Oscar Wilde’s words, Be yourself – Everyone else is already taken.  

Azibaolanari Okungbowa

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