My top 5 tips for moving into student accommodation

Moving into RGU accommodation is a great choice as you will meet plenty of other students who are on the same journey as you are! RGU student Frankie shares five tips to make the most out of your time in student halls.

1. Find your flatmates

When you apply for accommodation you get the option to join a Facebook group where you can find other people in your building and flat. This is a great first step to getting comfortable with your flat and help you make friends before moving in.

2. Use street view to become streetwise

Use street view on your chosen map app. Especially if you’re moving to a completely new town, county, or country, this can literally give you a lay of the land. Having a visual on where you are going is a great way to feel more confident while discovering your new home.

3. Food for thought

Your first night in the flat is going to be busy, unpacking, becoming familiar with your surroundings. I was glad I brought with me some instant noodles and snacks, so I didn’t have to worry about food for the first night. Tip 2 should allow you to see where to buy these important things! Having food to cook in the kitchen is also another way to start socialising with flatmates.

4. Discuss flat expectations with other residents

Gather around! While its nice to have some independence, this also comes with other adult responsibilities like dishes and rubbish duties. Setting this out at the very beginning leads to less chances of conflict. You and your flatmates should learn how to work together as one unit. After all, you will be each other’s family for the next 9 months.

5. Games night

Once the serious conversations are over, a very easy way to bond with your flatmates in person is with games. Board games, cards, or even a console if one of your flatmates has brought one, are a great way to relax while forming long-lasting friendships.

Bonus tip: Photos!

Your private room in your student accommodation won’t feel homely until you’ve added your personal touch to it! Bringing photos, blankets, posters, or something like a wee plant can really help the room feel like your own.

My experience of living on campus has been eye opening. I had the ability to engage on campus more due to knowing people across the schools. The biggest highlight has been the ability to work through all of this, and start finding my sense of self. I would highly recommend choosing student accommodation while studying at RGU!

Frankie Hanmer

Find out more about RGU accommodation on the RGU website or listen to the RGU Talk podcast:

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