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MSc Project Management student Euan Forsyth, shares why he chose to embark on an online degree at Robert Gordon University.

Why did you choose to study Project Management at RGU?

I decided to apply to RGU for an online degree as the MSc Project Management course is accredited by both The Association of Project Management (APM) and Project Management Institute (PMI) who are both leaders in this field. I also applied due to the reputation RGU has for being one of the top rated University’s for distance learning. I knew this was the right University for me after an email conversation with the admissions team who were extremely helpful, provided key details and made it an easy choice to choose RGU to pursue an MSc. RGU also has a reputation of being a very modern University and always scoring high in student satisfaction, which was evident early into my studies.   

Why did you choose to study an online degree?

As I currently work full time in a project management role, online studying was the best option for me to enhance my continuous professional development. This provides me with the flexibility to continue working in a demanding role but also allows me to plan preferred study times around work and other life events, whilst meeting any deadlines set.

How does studying a degree online actually work?

Online study at RGU works though Campus Moodle, which is the virtual learning environment (VLE). This is a very user friendly platform that allows access to online lectures, learning materials, interactive student forums and much more. For the project management course, weekly assignments for each learning outcome were posted on each individual module along with lots of information, learning materials and journal articles to provide an understanding of the topic. Weekly tasks can be completed with feedback provided from the course lecturers, which helps to identify any weaknesses or improvements required.  

What part of this course have you enjoyed the most?

All modules have been different and all have been enjoyable. For me, going back to an academic way of learning and writing reports has been a great learning experience and has already helped me in my day to day working life. The variety of subjects and weekly assignments keep it interesting, whilst helping to broaden an understanding of a subject.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying an online degree?

I would definitely recommend studying online but it does take a lot of commitment and planning to manage the workload to make sure you get the best from the degree. RGU has a lot of resource to help you understand requirements, create study plans and supporting documents that cover a range of topics including critical thinking, report writing and many more. I have really enjoyed online study and interacting with fellow students from different cultures and industries. 

What’s next for you?

My short terms goals are to keep learning and improving my academic studies and pass my remaining modules before moving onto my dissertation/Capstone project. My long term goals once I complete my master’s degree is to try and move into a project management role in sustainability and climate change to hopefully help make a positive change to this pressing issue.

Euan Forsyth

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