Studying MArch Architecture at RGU

MArch Architecture student Hannah shares why she picked RGU, and gives us an insight into what studying the course is really like.

Why did you decide to study MArch Architecture at RGU?

I was always unsure as to whether I wanted to go to university, but I knew I wanted to do something creative. Once I settled on architecture I started to review my options. I enjoyed how modern the RGU campus was and the facilities on offer. Although I must admit that finding out that everyone got their own desk in the studio, was a big factor in choosing to study at RGU. Having a desk in the uni allows you to create a familiar and comfortable workspace which I found quite appealing and encouraged me to work.

The city of Aberdeen itself was also what attracted me to study at RGU. Aberdeen didn’t seem as daunting, compared with Edinburgh or Glasgow, due to the size of the city.

What have you enjoyed most about MArch Architecture?

This course is definitely hard and time consuming but the reward of the final output is worth it. At the end of each term there is a feeling of pride and achievement that comes from all the hard work put into creating and producing the beautiful drawings (hopefully!) for your project. Although sadly stifled by Covid-19, the social aspect of the course was enjoyable for me. Each year group is assigned an area of the studio and unlike the library, or other study areas in the uni, the studio environment is lively and sociable. The space and the people become very familiar as a lot of time is spent in the studios either working, receiving tutorials, discussing projects, or socialising.

Tell us a bit about the project that you undertook in the Product Design module?

As part of the final year of the architecture course there was an opportunity to choose an elective module, I chose product design. I initially wanted to choose this module due to the creative, slightly out of the box nature and because it was different to the architectural modules. I was further drawn to the module when I found out that recycling and re-use of waste materials would be the focus of the project.

We were encouraged to collect waste materials over the Christmas period that could be reused to create a product. I found that I collected a lot of plastic waste and decided that I wanted to create a lighting fixture out of these materials. The intention of the design was to create a light to aid relaxation due to the recent stresses that the pandemic had presented us.

The module followed a phased design process where there was lots of space for generating and testing ideas. Due to Covid 19 all of the tests and manufacturing of the design was done at home which made everyone get more creative with how to make things. I found myself using the oven and metal brackets to create my final prototype. The final design used cut up plastic milk bottles melted in the oven and formed to create a soft cube shape that was lit from within.

The module allowed for a creative outlet that was different from any other module I had previously done. I enjoyed applying the design skills that I had developed throughout the architecture course, to a project that was not architecture based.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Although this course is challenging, keep working. You will more than likely achieve more than you thought you would! I would also say that it’s important to be proud of yourself and your work no matter what grade you get!


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