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Mateusz Pollak, an LLB graduate writes about choosing RGU, being part of the RGU Law Clinic and completing his course during the pandemic.

It was not until 2020 when RGU was named the Scottish University of the Year (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021). But it already felt like one when I received my UCAS offer four years ago. Moving to another country at 19 was difficult. Naturally, I was unprepared for some aspects of my new life. Studying Law at RGU was what kept me motivated during all those years when I experienced more downs than ups in my journey.

Choosing RGU

What drew me to RGU was their modern approach to teaching, their focus on experience and employability, and their practical approach to legal education. With the legal profession evolving at an incredible pace nowadays, legal education must follow suit to give future Law graduates the necessary tools for success.

From the beautiful modern campus to high-quality resources and facilities, the RGU Law School gives its students everything they need to succeed. Thanks to supportive lecturers and passionate mentors, RGU was a welcoming and thriving environment for me from day one.

Mateusz Pollak, an LLB student at RGU

Law degree at RGU

Now, almost four years later, I have graduated with an LLB degree. I have no regrets. RGU has prepared me well for the legal profession which is why I will be undertaking the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice course here as well. The thing about RGU is that it offers a lot to you. All you have to do is take initiative and use the opportunities given to you to the fullest. I have learnt about the law from my main studies. I worked on my employability skills with the RGU Employability Advisor, and gained legal experience through the RGU Law Clinic. I am proud to say that I have received the all-rounded legal education I had hoped to get.

If there is one piece of advice that I would give to those considering RGU to study Law, it would be that it is a perfect choice if you are willing to work for your success. You will find a lot of support and opportunities, and you will succeed if you seize them.

Mateusz Pollak, an LLB student at RGU

RGU Law Clinic

The Law School’s greatest asset and the highlight of my degree is the Law Clinic. This initiative provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain practical legal experience and become part of an amazing community.

It is what made me enjoy my degree so much. Law students receive access to exclusive training and materials, guest lectures from legal professionals, opportunities to work on real cases and find friends and mentors for the future. It is also the main element that kept me sane and motivated throughout the pandemic.

Mateusz Pollak, an LLB student at RGU

I became the Student Director of the Law Clinic in March 2020 which was great. But it also meant that I never actually set foot in the office as the Director (thanks a lot COVID). But being part of the fantastic team at the Clinic combined with enormous support and understanding from brilliant lecturers helped me succeed in my final year.

My final year and COVID-19

Despite often feeling low and isolated through the pandemic, I have managed to stay on top of everything. I even submitted my dissertation on media and privacy law early. In all fairness though, I did not have much else to do at home during the lockdown.

If there is one lesson I learnt from the pandemic, it is that you cannot control the future. Learn from your failures and painful experiences, stay positive, and most importantly – keep going. You cannot plan everything and sometimes you just need to take things as they come.

Mateusz Pollak, an LLB student at RGU

Remember what is truly important in life is connections with people around you. The Law Clinic community, particularly my team of student officers, played an important part in that for me.

My next steps and advice for future students

I look forward to the future, thanks to everything that RGU had to offer. I have secured a traineeship commencing in September 2022 with Burness Paull LLP, a leading commercial law firm in Scotland. I am proud of my achievements and my time at RGU. I wish to follow the advice I once received from a lecturer: “be proud of the institution that gave you your education and remain its proud and vocal advocate on the outside.”

I would recommend studying Law at RGU to everyone with a passion for this subject. You will find a fantastic community here and everything you will need to succeed. But remember to make the most of your time here.

Join societies, apply for student positions, and do not wait until your last year to get involved. Four years seems like a long time, but it is really not. Work hard and do everything you can to put yourself in the best possible position for future success.

Mateusz Pollak, an LLB student at RGU

I will stay connected to the Law Clinic as a mentor in the years to come. If you are reading this blog post now and will join RGU in the future, reach out to me!

Mateusz Pollak

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