From Malaysia to Aberdeen

From Malaysia to Aberdeen

Hello! I am Hui Wen from Malaysia and I am studying Year 1 Dietetics in Robert Gordon University (RGU).

At first, I was reluctant to come to Aberdeen since I didn’t know much about RGU and Scotland, in general. However, the course ranking was high and after a bit of online research I found out more about Aberdeen and life in Scotland which helped confirm my decision.

I feel very lucky that I chose to study at RGU and grateful that I was the winner of the Vice Chancellor’s scholarship!

Aberdeen is a very quiet and safe city, I have met lots of friends and I feel that I have spiritually grown since I moved here.

From Malaysia to Aberdeen

The people of Aberdeen are very nice, kind and helpful. When I arrived in Aberdeen, I didn’t have a mobile number or data and I wasn’t familiar with the British telecommunications system. To my pleasant surprise, I was offered help from passing pedestrians and found the solution to my problem. They directed me towards the post office in order to buy a SIM card and helped me along the way.

Studying in RGU has also given me plenty of opportunities to travel around Europe! During the winter break, I went to Belgium and Luxembourg with some Malaysian students that I met here who I now consider my friends. It was a chance for me to meet new people, try new food and experience a culture that I have never seen before. This experience also taught me how to be independent and plan a trip abroad.

Making friends in class has also been another great way to become independent and grow my own mind. My friends offer me support, which makes me become more confident and helps me grow my identity.

Through part-time work, I learned loads of new things, like how to communicate better with others in a foreign language and how to be responsible.

Studying at RGU has most certainly set a good foundation for my future which I am extremely grateful for!

Hui Wen

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