10 Ways to be Happy!

In celebration of ‘National I Want You to be Happy Day’ and ‘University Mental Health Day’ we wanted to share a few ways to be happy no matter the weather. The best part is that most are free!

10 ways to be happy


1//Go for a walk outside, feel the fresh air in your lungs and get moving. The RGU Campus is the perfect place to stretch your legs between classes or on your lunch break.

2// Get some good sleep, it will lift your spirits and make you feel energised. Getting a good night’s rest is especially important around exams to ensure that you are able to concentrate and have enough energy for the task ahead.

3// Get involved in a society. Take up a new hobby, meet like-minded people and make new friends. RGU Union have over 40 clubs and societies which you can join!

4// Tea. In the UK we are known for reaching for a cup of tea to make things better. Herbal tea, black tea, any kind of tea! Teas such as Rooibos are thought to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst Chamomile has calming properties.

5// Put on some music and have a little dance in your room. Music makes us happier. It is thought that dopamine, the feel good chemical is released into our brains when we listen to music. Why not try one of our Zumba Gold classes at RGU Sport?

6// Baking, this is a great way to get lost in a task whilst also creating something you can eat afterwards! If baking isn’t your thing why not try another activity which requires you to focus.

7// Think about the food you are eating. A healthy diet full of minerals and vitamins can do wonders for our mental wellbeing. If you are eating on campus take a look at EAT RGU to help you make healthier choices.

8// Head to bed early in the evenings and read a book. Our lives are so consumed with screens that making the decision to switch off can be very beneficial. Blue light which is emitted from our devices can also interfere with our sleep hormone production!

9// Clean your space. There’s nothing better than freshly cleaned sheets and a tidy desk, right? Sometimes having a clear out can be therapeutic, think Marie Kondo!

10// Find joy in your present moment. You may not be where you want to be yet, but you can choose to be happy in the present moment. Take time to enjoy what you are doing, whether that is taking in the sights and sounds when out for a walk, or taking the time to enjoy peace and quiet at home after a busy day.

RGU can offer support to students who may be finding things difficult or stressful. If you would like to speak to someone please get in touch with our Student Counselling & Wellbeing Centre. RGU Union also run RGU Nightline, a student-led peer to peer helpline that offers a non-judgmental, confidential and anonymous listening and support service to students at Robert Gordon University outside of academic hours (operating from 8pm through to 8am).  

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama

What makes YOU happy?

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