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Mental Health Nursing: Skill sessions

While being in my Mental health nursing course, I have had to attend skill sessions to prepare me for my osce (objective structured clinical examination) test. Skill sessions are important for when you go out into practice and teach you the basic skills you will need for being a nurse. (more…)

Differences between Gray’s School of Art interview and Mental Health Nursing interview

Gray’s School of Art*Disclaimer – This is Rebekah’s experience of how she was interviewed at RGU for two different courses. Formats for interview may be subject to change. This blog post will give you an insight to Rebekah’s experience*

As a Gray’s School of Art alumni and new Mental Health Nursing student I had to attend interviews for both – I wanted to give you all a little insight into what the differences were in the interview process and what I did to prepare myself for them. (more…)

From Art to Mental Health Nursing – The Next Step in my Career Plans

As you may know from my previous blog posts, I studied Contemporary Art Practice at Gray’s School of Art, and graduated last year. (more…)

Why should you choose Gray’s School of Art at Robert Gordon University?

Ever since I went to an open day at Grays, while I was at academy, I have been determined that I would attend Grays. Each person freely expressing themselves with their art, walls covered in ideas and a place I dreamed to become a part of. I was so excited when I received my letter saying that I had been accepted into the Contemporary Art Course at Grays. The school is even better than I had imagined. Here are a few reasons why you should pick Grays as your choice of Art School; (more…)

Rebekah’s big day – A student guide to a perfect graduation

A few weeks before graduation my friends from my course and I met up together to open our letters about our final year results. My friends Kerri, Alice, Hannah and I decided to open ours together so we could emotionally support each other afterwards no matter the outcome. (more…)

What to expect when preparing for the Gray’s Degree Show

The Degree show is like the Pre-Degree show where you show your work in a large space, however, this time you have more say in what happens with your work. You will sign yourself up for a group meeting with the head of your course so they can explain what will happen in the next two months. (more…)

What am I preparing for the Pre-Degree Show of fourth year Contemporary Art Practice?

Since third year I have been taking Polaroid photographs of myself to prepare for my fourth year degree show. Sometimes I would take breaks from this project but I would always go back to it. In the morning, I would wake up, reach for my Fuji Instax camera and take my photograph before even looking in the mirror. I would do the same thing before going to bed at night. Each time I would not adjust how I look or pose but just simply look at the camera. Each photograph is of raw emotion and documents the changes in myself.

Balancing Work and University

As you may be aware, this year I am a fourth year Contemporary Art student at Gray’s School of Art. During your time at university you may need money to pay for things such as your rent or food or even for exhibitions. You may find you will need to take on a job. Try your best to find a job that fits around university work. Never overwork yourself. (more…)

Examination Time as an Art Student

Exam time at Gray’s School of Art is a lot different from other courses. First of all, you don’t do any paper exams. Instead you will have to complete art work, sketch books and essays or for fourth years, a dissertation. If you have previously taken art in secondary school or in college, then you may have a rough idea how it all works. (more…)

You don’t need to know your speciality right away

 In the Contemporary Art Practice course, you will be asked in fourth year to make a choice in what title you want for your Honours Degree Award. Your options are; BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice, BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Photography), BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Moving Image), BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Printmaking) or BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (Sculpture). (more…)