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How to deal with Homesickness

Ever since I have left my country, visits back have gradually decreased. There have been periods of 6 months of not seeing friends and family from home. But regardless of how long you need to wait till you go home, it will always feel like a stretch. Some periods of time are worse than others, however, after being in Scotland for over two years now, I’d like to share some things I do to avoid feeling as homesick. (more…)

My experience as an international student

At RGU we are currently participating in the campaign ‘Scotland Welcomes the World’. From the minute I started my course at RGU, I could see how many different nationalities attend the university and I was happy to be in the middle of such a multicultural environment. So as part of this campaign I thought I would talk about how Scotland welcomed me. (more…)

5 Favourite Spots in Aberdeen

Having lived in Aberdeen for the past 2 years, I have found a few spots that I like to visit frequently. There are times that Aberdeen can feel grey and weary, especially in the winter months, so hopefully my 5 spots will help you feel a bit inspired to go out and about town! (more…)

From Home to a New Home

Many of my Scottish friends always ask me what it was like to move to a completely different country, how I had the courage to do it, and why. First of all, I will let you know a little bit about myself! (more…)