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Working alongside your studies

So you’re new to RGU and you’re looking to work alongside your studies, here is some useful advice when balancing work and uni. (more…)

5 Easy Student Meals

You’re in the middle of finishing your coursework that’s due at the end of the week, you’re working extra hours at your part-time job and you’re trying to keep up with your social life. Above all this you’re still waiting for your next paycheck, so going out to eat at Nando’s every night is impossible. You’re left with no option but to stir up some quick and easy meals yourself. Here’s my top 5 easy recipes to spruce up your week, and keep your bank account in check! (more…)

Top 5 Tips for Freshers Week

Freshers is such a fun time for everyone and can be slightly overwhelming. Here’s my 5 tips to help you get through the two weeks of madness! (more…)

Accommodation Options for Aberdeen Students

So you’ve chosen which university you want to go to, now you need to sort out where to live! As a foreign student who had never been to Aberdeen before, this was quite a daunting thought. When looking at my options before I moved here, I immediately knew that my best choice would be to move into RGU student halls. (more…)

How to deal with Homesickness

Ever since I have left my country, visits back have gradually decreased. There have been periods of 6 months of not seeing friends and family from home. But regardless of how long you need to wait till you go home, it will always feel like a stretch. Some periods of time are worse than others, however, after being in Scotland for over two years now, I’d like to share some things I do to avoid feeling as homesick. (more…)

My experience as an international student

At RGU we are currently participating in the campaign ‘Scotland Welcomes the World’. From the minute I started my course at RGU, I could see how many different nationalities attend the university and I was happy to be in the middle of such a multicultural environment. So as part of this campaign I thought I would talk about how Scotland welcomed me. (more…)

5 Favourite Spots in Aberdeen

Having lived in Aberdeen for the past 2 years, I have found a few spots that I like to visit frequently. There are times that Aberdeen can feel grey and weary, especially in the winter months, so hopefully my 5 spots will help you feel a bit inspired to go out and about town! (more…)

From Home to a New Home

Many of my Scottish friends always ask me what it was like to move to a completely different country, how I had the courage to do it, and why. First of all, I will let you know a little bit about myself! (more…)