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New year, new me?

Well well well, it has definitely been far too long since I last did a post, but a lot has happened, let me tell you! My last post talked about me starting university again as a postgraduate student (still feels weird to say that!) and at this point, it actually feels like I never left. I am still a community assistant for RGU Res:Life, and still have an interest in RGU GoGreen but haven’t spent as much time volunteering with them as I thought I would. (more…)

Being sustainable at RGU

As an environmental science student at RGU, sustainability and living a more eco-friendly life are things I feel strongly about. So when I heard about RGU’s GoGreen sustainability project, I was instantly intrigued. (more…)

Starting University Again… Plot Twist!

Hello everyone, maybe you thought that my last post was the end of me but I am back! Funny how things work out eh?

So a new semester has begun at RGU and now that Freshers Week is over, I thought I would talk about my thoughts on it all and what it’s like to be a postgraduate student. (more…)

MY RGU Graduation Experience


Lizzy graduationOn the lead up to graduation, I really had in my mind that it was going to be this massive day where I would feel completely majestic and it would be the perfect end to the last four years of my degree. However, it was over so fast I didn’t really have chance for that feeling to settle in.

My biggest fear was falling off the stage and making a fool of myself. Thank goodness that didn’t happen! After the ceremony, which was over much quicker than I expected, the “photo shoot” began. This was when I realised how busy and how massive graduation is. Gowns, parents and people everywhere. It was almost impossible to find space to get a picture. In the end, we settled for the union terrace gardens which actually ended up being the perfect spot. (more…)

Reaching the end of my RGU degree

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a little while but let me tell you a lot has happened in these last few weeks but more importantly the chaos is now over. I really can’t quite believe that I have finished my fourth and final year of RGU, as it only seems yesterday I had my first day of first year.  (more…)