Guest Blog Post’s

The Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is a place I wanted to visit since the time I decided to pursue my higher studies. (more…)

RGU: The Graduation Story

It was a day pretty much like any other the only difference being that today, unknown to me, I had a flight to a catch. Beyond that a year or so of meeting new people, learning new things and getting to know this new-found land that I now call home. (more…)

Aberdeen Foodstory Cafe

Aberdeen is a laid back town with super friendly folks, whisky and great food. There are chains of many good restaurants in the town. Though most of these restaurants are multicuisine, a couple of them are famous for signature dishes and distinctive taste. (more…)

Pick of the pride: Learning the Haka

As part of his Journey with the British and Irish Lions Rugby team, Jounalism student and vice president of RGU SPORT Gavin Rittoo will document his experience for us on the RGU Student Blog. Gavin is joined with seven other ambassadors from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. (more…)

My Journey To Aberdeen

My journey to Aberdeen started in 2015/2016. I went through the application process alongside visa interviews and was well on my way to the master’s program I had been accepted for. Luck and/or good fortune prevailed and I was granted a visa two days before I had to actually arrive in the city. (more…)

Third Year Digital Fashion Show Student Experience

One of the attractions of the Fashion Management course is the opportunities it provides, particularly in third year. With the choice to do a full year, 12 weeks or a 6 week placement, I chose to do the latter as it meant I could come back for the remainder of second term to work on the Digital Fashion Show. (more…)

Holi Festival

As an Indian student, I was keen to go along to the traditional Holi celebrations that took place in Aberdeen. Holi is a Hindu festival, known as the Festival of Colors, it falls on the last full moon day of the Hindu month of Phalgun: around late March or April. This festival is meant to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. It’s not India’s biggest festival, but it’s the most colorful — and probably the one most beloved across the globe. (more…)

Road trip to Peterhead and Newburgh

It was a Friday and one of my friends was leaving town on Sunday morning to pursue new opportunities in his career. I had met him in Aberdeen at Robert Gordon University. As a farewell, we thought to go on a road trip. Aberdeen city is surrounded by a lot of beautiful places which are in close vicinity. Due to our interest in history, we thought to take a road trip to Peterhead. It is almost an hour drive from Aberdeen. (more…)

Nursing Abroad: My Erasmus Experience

I have recently returned from an adventure that has greatly impacted upon both my personal and professional development; Erasmus. (more…)

My Placement with RGU Communications Team

Hi everyone, my name’s Jane and I’m currently in my third year studying Public Relations at RGU. As part of my course, I am in my last few days of a six week work placement. I have been working in the RGU Communications Office and have loved it! I’ll share with you some more about what I’ve been up to on placement and what my thoughts are as it comes to an end. (more…)