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My Thesis – Painting meets Architecture

This thesis challenged the conventional RGU curriculum for a masters’ architecture thesis. My aim was to achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation of the poetics and aura of the Norwegian landscape in which the location of my design is based through painting (this later developed into models and installations as well). (more…)

Architecture can open doors.. no it really can!

Completing a degree in architecture can be a long and arduous process, but also wonderfully rewarding. Despite this, I have found that many freshly graduated architects find themselves unsure about where to begin, or deciding that they actually don’t want to be architects at all. (more…)

How to make the most of your time in architecture

My time at RGU has taught me that university is what you make of it, so give it your best.

I wanted to provide you with a few words of advice that I wished someone had told me at the beginning of my architectural studies which will hopefully enable you to make the most of your time at RGU. (more…)

My Masters Architecture Project

My masters’ project took place over the final two years of my academic studies (5th year and 6th year). (more…)

What to expect at a final architecture review

All students at their final review hope they are saying valuable things that resonate with their audience. This hope is indicative of the struggle with relevance that every architect student seems to carry around under their arm. Who is listening? Is what I’m saying worth it? Is my work valuable? (more…)