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Why Choose RGU

Thinking about coming to RGU? We asked out bloggers for their reasons about why you should choose RGU! (more…)

End Of First Year!


Hi Guys,

And just like that, I am finished first year. Trust me when I say that writing this end of year post is a lot harder than once thought as this year has just flown by. To think this time last year I was starting my transition from Academy to University scares me ever so slightly, to say the least. (more…)

Life as a Home Student

Hi everyone! Having been at uni for almost an entire year – still can’t believe it – I thought I should share some of my experiences as a ‘stay at home student’. The majority of the friends I have made live in halls and they all appear to be having the best time; granted they are all missing home, but for the time being they are really enjoying it. Nevertheless, I still absolutely love uni life; just a little bit differently. (more…)

Tackling my exams

Hi guys

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are enjoying the New Year. After having officially started in semester two, I feel it is only appropriate to talk about one thing – Exams. (more…)

End of my first semester at RGU

Hi again.

I can officially say that I’ve lasted a whole semester of university. What a weird thing to say. It feels as though it has only been a couple of weeks since I received my unconditional offer. It’s fair to say it has been extremely different to secondary school… in more ways than one. (more…)

5 Things I Didn’t Expect; Transitioning to University.

Hey Guys! First Blog Post!
I feel it is only fitting as a new student to write my first blog post with the transition from academy to university! Better start it chronologically with the lead up to the first day. (more…)