Leon – My decision to study at RGU

Hi I’m Leon! I am currently a sixth year student at Cults Academy in Aberdeen. Like many, I am  going through the stage in my life where I ‘m required to decide what I’m going to do with myself after I leave secondary school.. It can be an extremely exciting time in someone’s life or very daunting. This may be due to the fact that many young adults may feel unprepared to make the transition from school to university, or they may simply may not have a clue on what they want to study and where they want to go in life. This was most definitely the case with me.

Of course, like all my peers, I eventually found my feet and found the subject area right for me. After countless open days, lectures and leaflets I decided that I want to study Management with Marketing at Robert Gordon University. It sounded exciting and ticked all the right boxes in for me. Next, I had to choose five Universities that I would like to attend. Top of my list was RGU and Edinburgh Napier. I’ll be perfectly honest though, the main reason that I would be keen to go to Napier is the excitement of moving to a new city. Ever since I realised that moving to another city was a possibility, I have been desperate to do so. I will be the first to admit that this factor heavily influenced the decisions I made. The one University that fully appealed to me solely because of how impressive it was, was RGU.

Why is this you may ask? Well in this blog post I will break down the key aspects of Robert Gordon University that I personally think make it so great.

1. The Atmosphere

RGU has an incredible atmosphere. I am currently doing an internship at RGU at the time this is being written and I can assure you that as soon as I stepped through the door, everyone had made it their sole purpose to make me feel welcomed and comfortable (or at least it seemed like it). As I have previously stated, university can be quite scary. Nonetheless if I do get into RGU in September, I’m sure I will feel very comfortable as the staff at RGU are all extremely friendly and open which is brilliant! There are plenty of student zones to go and relax or socialise. These locations are always buzzing with life, seem great to go and catch up with your friends in.


2. The Campus

The campus at RGU is not only highly impressive, but also quite easy to navigate. There are large signs which tell you exactly where to go as well as information desks if you have any enquiries. The building that particularly caught my eye was the Sir Ian Wood building. It’s enormous, modern and has plenty of extremely useful facilities that can be utilised by anybody. The main attraction has got to be the library. It has an absolutely stunning view over the River Dee which creates the perfect environment to study. The university feels very spacious and has quite an open layout which, in my opinion, gives a feeling of friendliness. There are a wide range of places to eat from within the university too including  Jamie Oliver’s, Costa and Subway.

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3. The Opportunities

In RGU, there are endless societies and clubs for students to take part in. Can’t find the one for you? No biggie, students have the amazing chance to suggest and found a new society if it receives sufficient support. RGU Union are very open to this idea and want as many students as possible suggesting ideas. Most of the courses at RGU that I have sat and researched about have placements in which students have the incredible opportunity to study in a foreign country or in the UK. This really is a chance that you do not want to miss! On top of this, the course that I have decided I want to study works very closely with real life industries. This ensures that the course is tailored towards current affairs to assure that graduates have an increased chance to find a job best suited for them.

So, these are the main 3 factors that have attracted me to RGU. I hope that many others see this university the way I see it and choose to study at RGU.


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