GoGreen LivEco Cafe

When we are away from home, we always miss the food. Though we are away from home, we should treat ourselves good and keep ourselves healthy. Last semester, I tried my best to go to GoGreen LivEco Café’s Friday veggie food night; but I could never make it.

INS 07

Surprisingly, I made it last Friday because I didn’t want to cook after a whole day of classes from 9am to 5pm. When I was back home, I went Facebooking. I came across one of my Kaim shop buddies who marked that she was interested to go for the Veggie food night by LivEco Café. I messaged her. She said she was on her way to the Ruthrieston Community Centre for the Veggie food night.

INF 01

We Chinese from time to time would have veggie food for celebrating festivals. I seldom have western veggie dishes. The veggie food made by LivEco Chiefs tasted so good. They even provide desserts. I shared my pictures with my classmates. They all asked me where I was. Where is that nice restaurant providing such good food?  It’s RGU GoGreen LivEco Café. All the good food cooked by our great LivEco Volunteers in the kitchen of Ruthrieston Community Centre.

INS 08


This week two of my classmates joined the Friday dinner with me. The embarrassing thing is we didn’t know this week was the international food night. Students joining the dinner would bring their home country food for sharing. There was a variety of food from different countries; e.g. France, Austria, China, Korea, Italy, Dutch, Romania; etc. What an international family RGU have. Two dishes that most attracted.Korean Beef it tasted so good, I asked for the recipe. It is made with Soy sauce, apple, onion, and garlic. I will try to make it at home later. The other one was the Dutch Cold Fish. I think the fish was sea bass which was made with apple vinegar. It tasted sweet and sour. It was very delicious.

INS 10

One more good thing about this dinner is the event was also doing charity fundraising for the church. There were jam and honey for sale for charity. I think I will keep going for the veggie food dinner as they really tasted good, and I hope the LivEco will continue doing a charity event like the international food night. Next time, I will bring over my Hong Kong Wonton and Fired rice. Good people, good food, and a good event!



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