The Kaim Co-op

Do you know where Kaim Cottage is?

Kaim Cottage is a house located at Garthdee Road in between the Gray’s School of Art and the Aberdeen Business School.

Pop Up Shop 3

Kaim Cottage is a shared space house where students gather for activities. There is a prayer room and a piano which welcomes students to play. There is an open area in the front which students can play cards together or have other arranged activities. There are two rooms which Kaim Co-op share, both rooms display recycled donations from students. The Kaim Co-op runs craft classes too.

Kaim Co-op has been crucial to my RGU experience, from spending every Wednesday afternoon there volunteering I made so many friends.

Pop up Shop

I spend my Wednesday afternoons helping out with donations. It is a great system as people get to donate what they don’t need and other students benefit from these donations. We sometimes have a pop-up shop on campus to display what Kaim Co-op do. Kaim Co-op support lowering the Carbon Dioxide Emission with the idea of recycling to protect the ecosystem of the earth.

Now the Kaim Co-op is running with a team of five volunteers. They are thinking to continue the operation with craft classes, pop-up shops the next semester. I hope to see more volunteers joining us in the future.



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