My top things to do in Aberdeen city and shire!

Aberdeenshire is filled with lots of activities to get up to on a free day from university and work. Here are some of my favourite things to do in Aberdeen City and Shire and I hope you might find some awesome activities to get up to!

Aberdeen City

Aberdeen Beach (2)

A great place to visit is the Aberdeen Beach Boulevard. I love to just park the car on the boulevard and take a stroll along the beach – normally handing my partner various different shells from the beach that I want to take home! It is awesome to go to albeit a bit windy but on a nice sunny day, it is great to get an ice cream and take a little walk along the beach – maybe even take the dog to run along the sand.

Students tend to be low on money so a great wee trip to go on is the Tolbooth museum. It is a museum located next to Castlegate and it is free entry. When you enter, you walk up a very narrow staircase and see different aspects of the Tolbooth like it was years back. It is pretty spooky, especially with the museum dummies and is also quite dark inside but you get to see local history for free and being a history head like me I love it!


As said in my previous blog posts, I come from Aberdeenshire and I really love visiting the places that are pretty unique to Scotland.


One of my favourite places to go is Portsoy Ice Cream shop located in Portsoy just over an hour away by car. They have the BEST ice cream flavours that anyone could think of. They have created Jammy Dodger, Irn Bru, coconut, banana, coffee and strawberry cheesecake flavour ice cream but also include some of the classics such as vanilla and strawberry. In addition to that, they also have a sorbet range as well as gluten and other allergen free ice creams which are made freshly in the shop. You can also have a variety of different delicious toppings including toffee sauce and sprinkles. There are also waffle dishes and milkshakes made with the ice creams available. After you have had some of the yummy food there you can take a walk along the Portsoy coast but make sure you take a jacket as it can get really windy!

The second place on my list is the falconry centre at Huntly. They show a variety of birds from April to October with a little cafe for food and something to drink. You can see Falcons, Owls and Eagles in their enclosures and if they aren’t, they are most likely flying about during the demonstrations that are available. You can even feed the birds and let them fly about and land on your arm if you are lucky enough! If that is not enough, there are also some deer walking about the demonstration field. Within the small cafe, there is usually a little owl called Ashley which is pretty awesome to have an owl named after you.


The third place on my list is the Peterhead Prison Museum located at the old prison down by the coast in Peterhead. You can walk around one of the most notorious prisons in Scotland with your own audio tour guide as you walk in the different areas available to you at the prison. It is really great to be able to walk along the prison at your own pace and not miss anything out. With true experiences and tales about the prison it is sure to give you a chill up your spine. It is really great to see the prison in its hauntingly chilling glory! At the end of the tour there is a small cafe where you can get a bite to eat!

Hope you go adventuring into some of my favourite places!

Ashleigh 🙂

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