Best Winter walks in Aberdeenshire

So it’s officially winter and we have now entered the festive season, I’m sure most of you will be eagerly awaiting the holidays as I did when I was studying. When I was a student I would take time for myself between studying so that I had time to relax and unwind from the stress of it all. My favourite thing to do was go for a long walk, with friends or family members and of course my little dog Lucy.

Depending on where you live in Aberdeenshire there will be places you can go for a quiet afternoon stroll. Up my way (Buchan area) there are some lovely remote places I like to go, and at the end of my walk, I love going for a coffee and a cake. There are a list of places you can go in Aberdeenshire, let me start by telling you my top 3 places to go –


Aden Park, Mintlaw

My number one most favourite place is Aden Park. It has so many features year round! You can go camping, feed the ducks at the pond, go to the landscape gardens, have a barbeque, take your dog to the agility park, visit the agricultural museum, see musical performances, take a look round their shop and café and most importantly visit the fairy garden. I usually take a walk around the peaceful a scenic forest with Lucy, you may come across various fairy houses during your walk, which makes it even more magical, sometimes you will come across wildlife like deer, ducks and squirrels, just make sure you’ve got your dog on the lead so not to disturb them. After my walk I usually head straight for the café where I can get a coffee and a delicious home bake.


Pitfour Lake

This beautiful lake is the perfect destination for a winter walk! I love walking round the lake, taking in the atmosphere, watching the swans and the ducks swim around peacefully. The lake is connected to Aden Park so if you fancied a longer walk you could keep walking and that means you can visit both places. At the end of your walk, you can head over to the Saplinbrae for a lovely pot of coffee to warm you up! The staff are always so friendly and there is almost always a space left beside the fireplace.



The railway line

If you are ever up for a long walk one day I suggest you walk the railway line. It has various routes and runs from Dyce to Peterhead. You can stop at various places depending on how long you want to walk. The route goes as follows – Dyce to Udny station, Udny station to Ellon, Ellon to Auchnagatt, Auchnagatt to Maud, Maud to Longside and Longside to Peterhead. Seem like a long way and it is, but there are cafes and transport at each destination to take you back or rest.

I usually walk from Peterhead to Mintlaw and stop off at the Country Park Inn for some lunch before heading home. It is a long walk but you see so much of the countryside and depending on the weather it can be a glorious walk!

SO those are my three favourite places to go but you might not be able to reach them, there are however places nearer the city that you can visit for a winter walk including –

Seaton Park3

Crathes Castle

Crathes Castles is surrounded with beautiful gardens and is a great place to go for a walk with friends. Nature spotters will be delighted as there is an array of wildlife going around. Take a walk around and take in the beautiful scenery.

royal deeside

Lock Muick

A gloriously scenic freshwater loch situated in the Balmoral Estate. If you are a fan of photography, take your camera, you will be capturing a load of beautiful pictures here. You can spot Red Deer here and other wildlife dotted around the loch.



Aberdeen beach to Foot Dee

Aberdeen Beach is most famous for its golden sand and is a very popular destination for walkers, surfers and windsurfers. You can walk end to end from the harbour to River Don, there is also a lovely little village called Fittie which is a famous tourist spot. You will often see dogs running around enjoying the beach or people just sat on the benches watching the waves. It’s a really nice place to go for a romantic walk – I would say this time of year it can be weather dependent – However if that doesn’t matter to you, you can always shelter away from the cold in one of the lovely cafés they have along the beach front for a coffee and some cake.




If you fancy a bit of trek and like exploring then you will love Bennachie! There are several levels for you to take so you don’t have to go straight to the top. The scenery is beautiful and there is always plenty of wildlife going about. Make sure to take a flask of coffee or tea and something to snack on as you could be a while if your final destination is the ‘Mither Tap’

So there you have it! Hopefully, some of you will get to visit these places! It is the perfect excuse to clear your head from all the exam stress!

If you are looking for more things to do in Aberdeen take a look here.




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