Nursing exchange: Welcoming students to Scotland

What got me interested in the Nursing Exchange programme?

Robert Gordon University offers a Nursing Exchange programme to either Houston or Tennessee, in the United States (US). The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the United Kingdom (UK) adopts best practices from all over the world including the US e.g. the use of both Roper-Logan-Tierney and Orem’s Self-care model of nursing to undertake patient-centered care in the UK.

I felt curious to partake in this cross-institutional collaboration and partnership, hoping it will offer great clinical, academic and cultural experiences to nurture my professional growth and creativity as a Nurse.

New York

I went back to New York to explore it again beginning with China town and Little Italy, where I finally found a shop that sold Lycamobile sim cards. The joy of this discovery was ecstatic. This time in New York felt different like I was a local that could utilise the subway to get around smoothly. Later in the evening, I boarded a coach, heading to Toronto Canada.

My Canadian Experience:

  • Visited Ontario –Toronto and Hamilton (i.e. Niagara Falls is in Hamilton)
  • Shopping, eating out and having a great time – I even tried Black Ice Cream.
  • Found the only Currency Exchange store during my journey in North America, which didn’t charge me a service fee to exchange my European currency.

Our Scottish Experience:

I arrived back in Scotland, to welcome and host the ladies from Tennessee students. Like me, they received an orientation at RGU Campus. For their Scottish experience, I wrote up an itinerary with the help of the RGU Coordinator, to enable us to travel across East Scotland which included Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. Together we visited many places and the ladies were introduced to Ceilidh dancing which they enjoyed. To our delight, the weather was not so bad during our days out. I had some help from another RGU Nursing student named Tara (one of the RGU students from the Houston Exchange programme) who hosted the girls to a great evening of traditional Scottish home-cooked meal. Members of staff on the programme at RGU helped with transportation and treated us to nights out. With a bit of teamwork and lots of laughs, we overcame any challenges we faced in organising the time we spent on clinical experience and going out in the evening to have fun.

When the programme ended, we were sad to say goodbye to one another. Overall this exchange will always bring up sweet memories. Brilliant!!!




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