How to deal with the stress of studies

It’s the fourth week of this semester which is one-third of the semester gone. I have started planning out my coursework. I am really glad that this year I don’t have an exam. However, I do have four pieces of coursework which require 2000 to 4000 words each. I learned from last semester not to leave work to the last minute, so I have a plan to structure my work, do research and write a bit of work each day. If not, you will be worried when the deadline approaches.


Last time I registered for all the writing classes that are offered by the study skills department in RGU. The rewards is having a good grade at the end of your course. The most important thing I learned was critical writing, critical evaluation and case study reports which assist me with the structure of my assignments. The study skills classes give guidance on how to brainstorm ideas, analyse the assignment requirements, how to reference and how to avoid plagiarism. As well as study skills sessions I joined RefWorks workshops which are also held in the library tower which shows you how to correctly do Harvard referencing. The library also shows you how to search through their online database for articles and books.


During the last two weeks, I met students from the student buddy system who explained they were starting to feel anxious about how to manage their workload. I told them that they should attend the study skills sessions. If you cannot make the sessions, you can send DELTA an email and ask for a one to one or arrange a group appointment. I think that it is always a good idea to join a group for these type of sessions as there is a better chance for brainstorming ideas. Study skills have loads of online resources for you to access too.


If you feel like it is all getting on top of you to speak to your professors for subject advice. Or, you can speak to our student support services, RGU Nightline or go to the RGU counselling and wellbeing centre. If you are staying at RGU accommodation, you can get in touch with the ResLife team which there are trained in mental health, first aiders are on standby to help you.


University is place for us to learn how to manage our life with balance. When you want to take a break from coursework you should go to the River Dee for a walk or go to some of the other activities held within RGU sport. There are always societies that you can join in your spare time. There is a list of things that may spark your interest, university should be lots of fun so why not try something new? I went along to GoGreen LivEco Café’s international food night at the Rutheriston Community Centre and had a nice veggie dinner with my fellow students. I met old and new friends there and it was a great opportunity to chat and catch up on each others news.

There are loads of things to keep you occupied while you are here! Make sure you read the weekly RGU Bulletin so that you don’t miss out on all the fun! The Bulletin activities keeps me busy and I have lots of fun and make lots of new friends.



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