Advanced Practice Week: Cardiology Medical Support Nurse

Hi, my name is Anna Clinton and I am a Cardiology Medical Support Nurse at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.  I have been enjoying my advanced nursing role for around 4 years now.  When I think back to when I started the post I have progressed greatly, not only professionally and personally too!

I started my nursing in the March 2000 project, graduating in 2003.  I spent the first two years of my nursing career working in the Acute Medical Assessment Unit (AMAU) and Gynaecology.  After this I joined the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) team, this is where my interest in cardiology began. After years of working full time, part time, days and nights, the opportunity for Medical Support Nurse came up and I jumped at the challenge.

The role of the Cardiology Medical Support Nurse is such a varied and interesting job.  We cover the day case Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab) ward with skills of prescribing and clinical examination.  Other parts of my role include a number of nurse-led services including myocardial perfusion scintigraphy (MPS), post Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) clinic and we have recently introduced a nurse-led chest pain service.


In May of this year after blood, sweat and tears, I completed my Advanced Nursing Practice Masters at RGU. The modules essential for my advanced nursing role were clinical examination and pathophysiology and non-medical prescribing.  Following the completion of these I decided to complete the Masters programme and module by module I have finally finished it! It was a massive challenge and juggling act with work and family life but the feeling of achievement when I opened my results email was amazing!

The progression of my role in such a short space of time is so exciting and I am looking forward to continuing the promotion of advanced nursing practice within cardiology.  The advantage of advanced nurse practice is vast, and within the cardiology multi-disciplinary team it has proven to be beneficial to patient care and importantly outpatient waiting times.

If you are thinking of a career involving advanced nursing practice I thoroughly recommend it!


Are you interested in advanced practice? RGU offer MSc Advancing Nursing Practice allowing experienced nurses or midwives to develop their skills and knowledge required for advanced practice.

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