Working as a student ambassador – Ping

On Oct 6, we had our first Open Day. Visitors came to our campus to find out more about our courses and facilities at RGU. We had training the day before so we were clued up on what to expect on the day such as safety, event timings, and duties. 

All student ambassadors are allocated different tasks either on campus or at the train station. Those who served on campus were well-trained on information about RGU facilities including emergency procedures, bus schedules, and campus tours.

Open Day 1

My responsibility was the Meet and Greet. My team welcomed visitors at Aberdeen railway station. We helped them on the shuttle bus to either campus or RGU accommodation. We held up huge signs saying ‘RGU Open Day’ so that the visitors wouldn’t miss us.

od 15

We all had different roles, one would hold up signs, one would take the visitors to the bus station and one to welcome others off the bus.

Open Day 2

I notice that there are three different types of visitors. The first type comes with a group of friends. The second type comes alone. The third type comes with parents.

od 10

I had a nice chat with the visitors standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus. I told them about my life at RGU and how I am involved with all sorts of volunteer work such as the Kaim shop, Café Zero, Bike Pad, student buddy system, etc. I also let them know RGU has lots of support for students like the RGU nightline, Study Skills, Career support, and a six-month mentoring program from Alumni, etc.  There are lots of events and opportunities with RGU.


Though there was sunshine on the day, the temperature is not high. We found solutions to deal with the cold weather. First, we took turns to buy hot drinks. Second, we put our jacket under our RGU jumpers. Fourth, doing exercises at the bus stop. We counted we met 43 visitors.


The next Open day will be on Nov 3. Our team are happy to assist visitors at the train station again and on campus. If you visit our next Open Day don’t be afraid to come and speak to us, we will be wearing the Ask Me hoodies/t-shirts.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador take a look at the RGU website.


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