First semester back at RGU as a student buddy

September is the start of my second term with RGU. Though I only have class on Thursday and Friday!

On Monday 17th September (start of term), I resumed my morning chair based yoga class, which I skipped in August due to travelling. The breath and stretch practice in the yoga class helped me to focus on reading and writing for the four modules of this semester.  After that, I helped out as a welcome ambassador where students came to pick up their ID cards. This was a spelling and pronunciation test for me as students would stop by, tell me their name and I would find their student ID card for them.

ing 1

On Tuesday, I created file folders on my laptop, downloaded course materials from Moodle (our online learning environment), and planned reading time for each module. Hoping that planning ahead could give me a smooth path for this semester.

ping 4

On Wednesday, my classmate picked me up to go to work. This semester I  have stepped down from GoGreen volunteering work at Kaim shop every Wednesday. Instead I have joined the Frisco Project for Project management volunteering tasks. We are at the initiation stage at the moment. I hope I will have more interesting and exciting moments to share on the blog in the future!

At night time, I would go to the Student Buddy gathering events in the city. My RGU life started with a Student Buddy. Before I joined RGU, my student buddy, Mario, helped me with everything before I came to Aberdeen. This semester I officially joined the Student Buddy system. All our student buddies went through official interviews and training.  I hope the new students will all have the same good experience as I had with Mario.

ping 5

Thursday and Friday were full-day classes from 9 am to 4 pm. It is good to see each other again. We really missed one another as we had four months away from each other this summer.  There is one class with the September intake of MSc Project Management. We can see their questions and concerns which we all had in the past semester.

ping 6

I joined a PMI seminar at university. The seminar has interesting topics about Digitalization in the oil and gas industry. It is not only the finance sector introducing Artificial intelligence (AI). AI develops in all industries around the world. This PMI seminar reminds me of the innovative masterclass of our university.  It was nice to meet two RGU Alumni at the seminar. It is good to see both have good career developments after graduation and both continue to study and work hard on project management professionalism.

ping 7

Everything was back to normal during the second week. I joined the ESN Inverness tour with my student buddies. I have been to Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness three or four times. I became a tour guide during this tour.  We visited the Inverness Castle, Inverness Cathedral and the Victorian market in Inverness City. Though the wind was very strong, it was good to go up to the top of the Inverness castle to see the city view in 360 degrees. We then enjoyed fish & chips in a local bar. It tasted so good.

The happiest thing of this first week of school is I met Mario again at the Professional Mentoring Programme. It is always good to meet old pals especially those who guided you from the start. Mario helped me when I was a new student. I hope my student buddies will have memories as good as mine.



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