Erasmus Student Network – Bennachie Hike

ESN – Erasmus Student Network, is an international student organisation with a mission to represent international students by providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. Before I joined RGU, I had no idea what ESN was. I only knew it was one of the groups under RGU Student Union.


I joined the ESN Bennachie Hike with two others. I got up at 7am to prepare sandwiches for lunch that morning. I left home at 8am and walked to His Majesty’s Theatre. When I arrived, the Theatre was not opened yet as it was too early. So, I just walked down to our old campus at Schoolhill. Sure, as usual, I said hello the Lion Stephen. I called him Stephen because Hong Kong’s HSBC Head office building has two lions guarding the bank called Stephen Stitt.


The coach arrived on time and we headed to Bennachie at 10 am with 49 students. It took around 1.5 hours to arrive the Bennachie Visitor Centre. The hike was a two-hour walk, so I expected it would be an easy route like the family trails in Hong Kong. We walked and walked. The higher we climbed, the more snow we left our footprints on. Ahmed and Chi are fast and energetic. I needed to rest for a minute, while doing so I realised that people has taken their dogs along on the hike.


I always think people who love hiking are open and happy people. On the trail people were more than happy to chat.


I thought halfway ‘How come we’re still not at The Mither Tap?!’ Wow ……It’s a 15KM hike with 108 Floors up to the top.  Sure, we made it and the view was amazing! We took lots of pictures and a 360-degree Video!

Sieske is right. We should just follow the direction of the big group in the front.


We were all safe back to the city at 3:30 pm. When I got home, I made myself beef fried rice and had a NY Cheese cake as a prize for climbing up 108 Floors with 15 KM hike!

What a lovely day today, we were lucky to have the blue sky  with us all the way through the hike.




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