Welcoming new students – Being a student ambassador

With the new academic year starting many of RGU’s new students are starting to arrive at Aberdeen International Airport. As a fellow international student, I decided I wanted to work as a student ambassador and be involved in welcoming people as they flew into Aberdeen from all over the world!

I joined the Airport Meet and Greet Student Ambassador training session on Aug 29. It was a 2-hour session which trained us on answering student’s common questions when they got to the airport.

On my first shift at the airport, I spoke with 26 students in 4 hours! Most students have lots of luggage and come with their parents, it was really good getting to see them walk together as they start their new chapter with RGU. Looking at all the energetic students walking towards me, I recall my old days bringing two huge suitcases when I was heading to New York to start my college life alone 25 years ago. All the students looked so excited.

Fresher Week 4 (002)

My fellow student ambassadors and I were there to lend a hand. Overall it was a happy experience at the airport; I shared my mini-sized apples with students, minibus driver, airport staff and even arrival visitors. I loved seeing their satisfaction and happy faces, and it was good to chat with them and answer their questions.

During this time it was also the Fresher’s week at the university. Even though I am not a new student anymore, I participated in the fresher’s week events. I also accompanied new students as their student buddy on campus tours.


The Fresher’s week has free movies at the Vue cinema everyday. I joined the Wednesday afternoon session watching Ocean’s 8. The students also enjoyed Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible and Skyscraper at the cinema. Vue cinema is a good place for movie goers like me because the ticket is only £4.99 just now which is 50% discount in price compared to my hometown, Hong Kong. I watch a lot more movies in Aberdeen than I did in Hong Kong!

Fresher Week 2

I also joined the Glasgow day trip which was run by ResLife. I highlighted several spots for students to explore. ResLife are holding other events like bowling, trampolining, arcade visits and much more.  I really hope we helped our new students to adapt to their new, exciting and challenging new life here. My team mates are also working hard to answer student’s questions on RGU’s International new student page on Facebook.

I wish our new students all the best joining our big RGU family! I have really enjoyed my time with the new students and I look forward to continuing helping students as a  during the rest of my time at RGU.

If you are interested in becoming a student ambassador you can email schoolsliaison@rgu.ac.uk to find out more 🙂




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